Creating A Healing Connection Through Music

Today it is my great pleasure to interview composer and musician Marco Missinato. From the first moment I heard his music I knew that he was an incredibly gifted, intuitive based musician and I wanted to help support his vision by having him stop by my blog today share his recent work, “Unfolding Secrets, A Symphony Of The Heart.”   Anything heart based, anything intuitive, anything healing… I want to learn more about it and I want to share it with as many people as I can.   When I listened to Marco’s music, I felt a great calling in […]

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Songs that uplift me…

My dear friend Jorie (hi babe!!!) has a facebook group dedicated to sharing uplifting music. That’s where I heard of about 80% of the songs I love… so if you like these and want more, head on over and like her FB group called: Moved By The Music. If you love pop music, try… Everybody, by Ingrid Michaelson If you love jazz, try… Bring Me Sunshine, by The Jive Aces (give it a minute, it starts slow but is garunteed to make you smile…) If you love reggae, try… Shine, by Aswad If you want to feel joy, try… Give

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Thoughts On Health… Tribute to a friend

Last weekend, someone I love very dearly passed away. The kind of someone who you know you had a soul contract with… someone who comes into your life and forever alters the path you walk. She was someone who I know I will have a lifetime with again one day… someone who came into my life at the exact perfect time and who opened my eyes to life in a way I had never been able to grasp before. Ever since she transitioned on, I can feel her. Closer than ever, I hold tightly to her presence in my life.

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