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The Energy of Menopause

I’m excited to sneak in a quick video for you today… ignore the ratty hair and the horrible angle (dang, do you have to see right up my nose???) I propped my phone up on a potted plant in my bedroom to get this video done quickly while the kids were happy playing. One of these days, one of them… I promise, I will actually blow dry my hair and wear something nice and put concealer on top of my random face splotches so you can stare at something other then my under eye circles and PMS pimples while I […]

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Thoughts On Health… Supporting Women

I’ve felt a strong pull in my heart to support and validate and empower women lately. I feel like I am finally coming into my own… I feel like I’m finally discovering why I’m here, what I have to give… and I feel like I want to take all the women of the world right along with me, finding our voice together, hand in hand. Does that sound cheesy? As I type it, I realize it might… and yet, this is what I feel… deeply… pounding in my heart. I love being a woman and I feel so much power

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Kids Rule My World! And Everything They Taught Me, I’ve Put Into This Latest eCourse!

The pictures in today’s post were taken on New Years Eve, at Sullivan’s Island. We had a nice warm day for the last day of 2010… sunny and cool… perfect for rock climbing and beach walking! I love kids. Especially mine 🙂 They have changed my entire existence and I’m richer for it. It’s been such a steep learning curve for me… I’ve gone from being a professional physician and motivated by wanting to succeed in the world of medicine to being a homeschooling mother whose heart does backflips watching my children eat breakfast. I really didn’t feel particularly maternal

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Thoughts on Health… A Poem That Wrote Itself

a close up on my All Is Well original painting Welcome back from the holidays!!!! This Monday I was planning on doing a FAQ about Homeschooling… until I woke up this morning with a poem half out of my head and the other half wiggling out. I didn’t want to forget a word of it, so I grabbed a dull pencil from my nightstand and wrote the words down in the margins of the closest book I could find. I’m walking a very raw path right now… transforming and still in the creative process of merging my old life (analytical,

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