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White teeth, naturally, in 3 easy steps

Because February is National Dental Health Month, I wanted to give you three holistic, super easy tips on having clean, white teeth!   This routine is as easy and 1, 2, 3… and it’s also completely non-toxic, healthy and inexpensive. Want whiter teeth? Give this a try!!!!   Because it is natural for our enamel to yellow as we age, it is an instant boost to your appearance to whiten your teeth… making you look years younger. I like it even more than plucking my eyebrows for an instant makeover! So here is how I boost my whitening naturally.   […]

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Spring Cleaning!

On Monday I talked about how to naturally and easily thwart those seasonal allergies that are flare each spring.   Check it out if you missed it… full of things you can try today in order to decrease your allergies tomorrow!!   Today I thought I’d give a few more ideas for the second thing that crosses my mind each spring besides allergies… spring cleaning!!!   Spring Cleaning Tip #1:   I found my new favorite household disinfectant spray… it is eco-friendly, antibacterial, degreases, and shines. It is SOOOOO cheap that the cost is reason enough to use it. And

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Thoughts on Health… Super Simple Spring Detox

Wow. The weather this past weekend really knocked my socks off! The warmth and sun has made me into a new woman! And like I do every year when the earth begins to warm and spring buds start popping up everywhere, I get spring cleaning fever. Not just in my home (although I spring cleaned all our closets over the weekend and that felt super good!) but also I want to spring clean my body, from the inside out. I know there are a million ways to do this… raw food diets and clean diets and fasting and liver cleanses

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