The Most Effective Way To Recover From Cancer

Today I’ll be reviewing a recently published study that examines the link between exercise and health… specifically, cancer recovery.   Just like last week’s article, the article today shows that being up on your feet — simply walking — is the best predictor of positive outcome in cancer recovery we have. No stressful or intense exercise needed.   Just being up and about daily is a better predictor of cancer recovery and reduces mortality rates better than any chemotheraputic agent we have, reports Dr. John Marshall, MD.   Published on Jan 13, 2013 in the Journal Of Clinical Oncology, researchers […]

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5 Important Updates in Female Health

1. A new study just published in the January 2013 issue of Maturitas revealed that urinary incontinence (UI) does not go hand in hand with menopause.   Although conventional medical wisdom has often stated that urinary incontinence has an onset at (or worsening of symptoms at) menopause, a recently published metanalysis of the medical literature doesn’t support this now out-dated thinking.   Researchers looked at over 450 studies in the medical literature and found that there was no link between menopause and onset or severity of urinary incontinence.   This is so important for us to understand as women, because:

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