The Best Grounding Shoes On Earth

  The best way to get grounded is to just go outside and directly touch the earth.   But what do you to when it’s getting too cold to go barefoot? Or too many hazards, like sharp rocks, glass, litter, fire ants, slippery ice, burning hot sidewalks? Grounding through your hands is a great option, as I talk about in this video here. But what if you are a die-hard fan of grounding through your feet? Then you are in luck because I have so many solutions today for you it’s incredible. First up, I have four shoe lines I’m …

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7 Natural Ways To Defeat Yeast Overgrowth

I’m so excited. We are officially well into May and this month I am actually taking my first three day vacation in a long, long time!   I have not taken a vacation — not even one single weekend off — in over two years straight. So to have a Friday, Saturday and a Sunday to hang out with friends by a lake and sleep in and stay up late and watch the kids swim and watch the sun set… yep, it’ll be heaven. With all of this beautiful warmer weather, I’ve had lots of questions come up (in the …

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