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I’ve been inundated with requests to watch the sequel to The Grounded… The Grounded 2 … but it was not available until now!


The sequel has officially been renamed to Heal For Free (…it is the exact same film, unchanged from it’s original title The Grounded 2) and has just been released world wide by Gaiam!!!


So now… you can watch it streaming live through Amazon, Xbox, Hoopla, B&N and more… here are the links:

Watch now:


Want to own the physical DVD of Heal For Free? Here is where you can order your copy.


Additional Earthing Resources:



Filming the motion picture “The Grounded” and “Heal For Free”

  • Part 1 (interviewing Apollo Astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Charlie Duke) and
  • Part 2 (meeting co-author of the Earthing book: renowned cardiologist Dr. Sinatra)





The DVD of the first motion picture “The Grounded” available here

… or you can watch The Grounded right now on Video On Demand!



The Earthing novel and picture books:

Earthing, The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? paperback book
grounding children's book
From The Ground Up children’s picture book








Fine Art Prints of my Earthing cover art…


Reaching for guidance
Reaching For Guidance, cover of The Grounded
Grounding In Moonlight, cover of Heal For Free




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