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I’ve gotten so many amazing questions about Grounding (aka Earthingâ„¢) from viewers who watched the motion picture The Grounded and Heal For Free…

…I’ve really loved and appreciated all the wonderful feedback as well as all of the interesting questions!


I want to be as helpful as possible and pull together all my favorite resources on Grounding for you to enjoy, in this:


Grounding Round Up!


Hopefully you will find tons of valuable information and links that you can use to make the most of the information presented in the motion picture “Grounded.”

Please share with your friends and family that might enjoy these wonderful resources!

1. Where can I take an online Healing Class about grounding?


For the most comprehensive review of the healing practice of grounding, join my next 5 day healing online class:

Grounding Rx Bootcamp!

Click over here for more info and to save your spot!


2. How Quickly Does Earthing Boost Your Health?


In just a few minutes, I’ll review of the past 20 years of medical research so you can find out right now how quickly Mother Earth can serve your healing!



3. Can I see behind the scenes of the filming of The Grounded?


Absolutely yes!


Part 1 (interviewing Apollo Astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Charlie Duke) and

Part 2 (meeting co-author of the Earthing book: renowned cardiologist Dr. Sinatra)


4. Where can I order the grounding healing documentaries?





5. Where can I find prints of the cover images?

Reaching for guidance

my Reaching For Guidance” original artwork


Grounding In Moonlight


or my “Grounding In Moonlight” original artwork





6. How can I listen to the original soundtrack score to the film?



  • Behind the scenes, painting the soundtrack CD:CD_FRONT_grounded_laura copy

front and

back covers



7. Where can I find The Earthing books?

Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?


grounding children's bookand the children’s book:

From The Ground Up






8. Where can I read more about the Earthing and Weight Loss Study results?

How does getting grounded affect your weight?

I’ll tell you right here.



9. How can I get grounded indoors?


The Most Effective Way To Ground Your Body Indoors is the Bearfoot Mattress Panels:



Order your Bearfoot Mattress Panel right here today!



Additional Indoor Grounding Products available here:

…including grounding: wrist bands, socks, gloves, sheet sets, ankle bands, grounding hot water bottles, mats, heel straps and much much more!







10. Can I be grounded outside while keeping shoes on?


My very FAVORITE Earthing shoes — Pluggz:


Pluggz keep your feet protected and warm throughout the seasons, while keeping you connected to the earth!



11. Where can I find out more?

Watch these Free Videos:



or read my:


Free Grounding Idea Book:

an instantly downloadable, quick and easy 10 day experiment

so you can see and feel the results for yourself!


Ready to see what grounding can do for your own health?

Not sure where to start?

I recommend starting directly with the earth instead of with an indoor grounding product.

In this free book I will outline how just 10 minutes for the next 10 days can make a big impact in your state of well being… no products required.

Just enter your email address in the sign up box on my homepage to get instant access to this fun Idea Book and healthcare guide!


xoxo, Laura