10 Indoor Activities That Can Easily Be Done While You Are Outside, Grounded

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In honor of Earth Day this April, I’m in the middle of a 5 part series of articles to encourage you to get outside and get grounded — in my experience it is the most absolutely essential part of your spring healing plan!

These are the posts in this series:


So today is the second one, all about thinking of activities you are already doing each day, in a new way! Simply take them outside and you will add a deep layer of healing support to anything that you could do inside.

Grounding has to be the absolutely easiest way to add therapeutic healing to your daily routine: no cost, no stress, no effort, and completely painless… enjoyable, actually! And the medical literature backs this up — with new medical study, published in May 2020 — that finds grounding to be “a simple, profound lifestyle addition, requiring no effort” yet profoundly boosts health.

Long time readers of my blog already knew this, but it’s always great to have a simple, straight forward read on the health benefits of grounding to pass on along to skeptical loved ones that you know could benefit from getting outside and connecting to the earth. So share the link to that study widely, or simply forward this blog post to someone you want to encourage to try out grounding.





No only can you literally go outside and get grounded freely any time, but you can also use that time to multitask, adding a an additional healing element to whatever therapeutic daily practices you already have in place to support your health. Activities like physical therapy, yoga, meditation, exercise, eating, reading, and even just spending time with loved ones, all can be exponentially boosted by doing them outside, grounded.

And even activities that you do daily that are not directly for your health but still must be done, like returning phone calls, working on your lap top, weeding through emails, filling out your weekly planner, scheduling work tasks, even your next zoom meeting can be done outside grounded so that even non-healing activities can actually become healing, therapeutic ones.

So today I wanted to review my top 10 indoor activities that you can take outside — that way you are not adding one single thing to your to-do list, but you are adding immense health benefits from getting grounded! Pick just one or two of these activities every single day over this week to move outside and I am absolutely certain you will notice the health benefits before this coming weekend:

10 Indoor Activities To Move Outside:





1. Physical Therapy:


If your physical therapist has a set of stretches for you to do daily at home, do them outside. Moving your muscles and bones and ligaments and joints while grounded to the earth outside will increase restorative blood flow, bring a boosted oxygen levels to your tissues, and reduce soreness after exertion.

You can read more about why grounding is so supportive of your muscles and joints in this blog post I wrote for you:






2. Journalling:


If your therapist wants you to do journal writing daily, do it outside. If you like to write in a diary, do it outside. If you like to set intentions, or are working on a manuscript, or filling out a dream journal — do all of your writing outside. In fact, anything creative or expressive can be taken up to new levels of releasing and healing when they are done grounded — that’s why plein air painting is so cool!

Drawing, sketching, photography, journalling, writing, even boring tasks like filling out your daily, weekly or monthly planner or grocery list can all be done outside, grounded.

Here is are some blog posts I wrote for you that goes into detail on why grounding allows your soul creativity to soar and any soul wounds to release:






3. Hydrating:


If your massage therapist or nutritionist or physician or personal trainer suggests hydrating more, take every single glass of water you drink outside to drink it grounded.

Grounding boosts circulation and will get that beautiful fresh clean water into your body and into your organ systems more quickly, allowing you to rehydrate your beautiful body immediately. As a bonus, hydrating while being grounded outside actually boosts your conductivity too, so it’s win-win!

Here is a video I made for you on how to use the conductive power of water to get grounded:





4. Exercise:


If your 2021 goal is to get more movement and exercise into your life, you can bring almost every exercise outside and get double the benefits.

Not only is excerise great for protecting your lifespan, but doing your next yoga session, or HIIRT round, or next run, outside grounded will add all of the health benefits of grounding to your exercise routine. You can even swim outside grounded and feel amazingly rebooted from head to toe, inside and out, as most in ground pools (as well as the cement surrounding the pool) is grounded.

Here are some articles on why exercising grounded helps you get more bang for your buck:







5. Eating:


We all need to eat to put the nutrients our earth offers us into our body to boost our health… but if you can take your next meal outside and eat it grounded, you just added a therapeutic, anti-inflammatory benefit to time spent enjoying your food.

Grounding helps boost vagal tone and digestive function, decreases inflammation in the gut, increases digestion, peristalsis, absorption and even boosts the circulation of those nutrients all throughout your entire body, so eating grounded is the most natural way to bring nutrition into alignment with your body’s health. Any diet plan can be taken outside to eat in a natural way, grounded.

Here is a quick video I made for you on the benefit of eating grounded outside:







6. Breathing:


Even more crucial than eating, we all need to breathe the beautiful air that the earth provides. Many of us also find added benefit from intentional breathing practices like meditation. Taking intentional, deep breaths is a wonderful way to decrease stress and increase resiliency to the demands of your day.

If you already have a meditation practice, bring it outside. If you don’t meditate, you can still reap the benefits of a few deep breaths taken while grounding outside. Being grounded supports lung function and boosts oxygenation, so combining grounding with intentional breath work is another one of those win-win relationships that grounding brings to just about everything we do. (Bonus points if you blow bubbles as part of your breath work!)

For more on how breathing supports your health, hop over to read this article I wrote for you with several great ideas on developing an intentional breathing practice that you can do outside, grounded:






7. Socializing:


If your friend wants to spend time with you, take the initiative and suggest hanging out together outside. Having friends you can connect with is one of the best things you can do to boost happiness and protect your longevity, and connecting with them outside is the best combination of all.

Moving your time spent together outside allows you to get grounded while connecting on a deeper level with your loved ones, and really almost anything you can think of to do inside can be done outside. From playing a card game, to having a cup of coffee, to sharing a potluck meal, to talking while watching clouds roll by or stars twinkle overhead, to going on a walk together, to sharing a picnic meal… anything you want to do with your friend is better grounded outside.

Medical studies like this one below (and others, like the one I blogged about for you last week) show that your mood is boosted by time spent outdoors, so grounding outside while spending time with friends is sure to help that time be even more fun:








8. Dating:


If your partner wants a date with you, make sure some component of that date is outside, grounded. Hold hands and both partners will be grounded, or even ground through a kiss! Being outside, especially in the daytime, can even boost libido as it helps balance and regulate hormones.

Here are a few other articles I’ve written for you about the power of grounding to enhance your relationship:







9. Parenting:


Carving out time to play with your child in activities that interest them is absolutely crucial to bonding with kids. Play time is important healing time, and you can dramatically boost the healing value of play by taking that activity outside to do it grounded.

From arts and crafts, to sports and activities, to simply having a snack and talking, or reading a bedtime book under the wonder of the nighttime sky. You’ll worry less about any messes you guys make, and you’ll be getting a health boost the entire time. And of course, this includes your fur babies as well, so spend time outdoors with your pets too!

Here are some articles I’ve written for you on the power of grounding to enhance your children’s health:

I also have written and published three children books for you so far… you can find these on my website here (or of course on Amazon and anywhere books are sold):



Lastly for more parenting support I have a totally free Parenting eBook for you right here. It has 17 chapters and 159 pages of ideas, concepts, games, suggestions, medical information, intuitive problem solving and uplifting parenting advice that help address health and life in a positive and re-affirming manner for children, including how I inspire my own children to reach for health, even during illness... filling them with the confidence that health is their natural state of being.

Enjoy the precious time you have while your kids are still little enough to want to play with you… soak it in!






10. Work:


I challenge you to think of three daily activities you do for work that can actually be done outside.

First of all, anything you get done on your phone for work, from research, reading, posting on social media platforms, marketing, weeding through emails, returning phone calls, returning texts and even your next zoom meeting can all be done outside. If any part of your work is done on a laptop, all of that can be moved outside as well. In addition, any reading or writing that you do, plus planning or scheduling that you do, can all be done outside.

I make it a point to attend most of my online medical conferences outside so that I’m learning the latest medical advancements while allowing my body time to get grounded. If your boss has catch up work for you to do and you’ll be up late tonight on your laptop, take it outside and at least make this time your body gets to be grounded.

Here are some additional articles on the power of grounding to reduce work stress:



You get the picture!


Add your own ideas to this list — include all your hobbies too!

  • Play an instrument? Take it outside.
  • Like to play chess? Do it outside.
  • Have a pet? Play with them outside.
  • Like embroidery? Take it outside.
  • Doing something boring like meal planning for the week? Do it outside.
  • Love to read? Do it outside.
  • Perfecting a handstand? Do it outside.
  • Love listening to music? Listen to it outside.

Run through your entire day from start to finish and decide what can be taken outside. Even if it is simply to start and end each day drinking a big glass of water outside — oh my goodness that’s PERFECT.

Almost anything you can think of to do — from fun and games, to connecting with friends and family, to eating and hydrating, to exercising and physical therapy, to yoga and meditation, to journaling and creating, to getting work done…

…you can do it all while in the healing state of grounding. Let’s do this!

And stay tuned for my blog post next week, where I tell you my favorite ways to naturally protect your precious skin from the UV exposures that come with being outside.

xoxox, Laura