A Healing Prayer For You

My daughter is 12. She is unique and wonderful and spiritual and wise. Instead of playing around with make up and talking on the phone and rolling her eyes if I ask her to put away her clothes, like I did at her age, she writes novels and reads historical fiction and studies religion and creates beautiful things with her pen, drawings and artwork and prayers.   Like this prayer.   She wrote this and from the first moment I read it, I knew I wanted to incorporate this prayer into my work with my own patients.   Now, it […]

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Decreasing Health Anxiety

One of my missions in life is to help decrease your health anxiety!!!!   Anxiety over health is one of the biggest obstacles in healing. I see it in my patients time and time again — and whenever we can work together to reduce their health anxiety… even just by 1 degree… healing begins. Even in chronic conditions patients have had their entire lives… if they can decrease their health anxiety by one small bit it’s like breathing new life into old conditions and things begin to shift and release.   So I’m going to be doing a series of

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Thoughts On Health… absolutely random thought for you today.

Hi peeps. I hope you had an awesome weekend. I have a totally random video for you today that I shot in about five minutes and got about 600 bug bites for… and I’m scratching them all raw right now. So give it a watch. If not for me, for my poor scabbed up arms and legs and a particularly raging swollen bite right on my chin. My epidermis and I thank you. xoxo, Laura    

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