Broccoli Improves Autism (And 5 Other Natural Ways To Help)

A small but important study just revealed that a component of broccoli and broccoli sprouts (sulforaphane) can help give autistic patients a significant boost to social skills and verbal communication… naturally!     Published Oct 13, 2014, researchers studied 40 males between the ages of 13 and 27… all who had moderate to severe autism. 26 received broccoli sprout extract (50 to 150 umol daily) and 14 received placebo and measured the results after 18 weeks.   The results were impressive — almost half showed measurable improvement in several different areas including social and verbal skills. 46 % of participants …

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Pesticide Exposure and Autism

There is ample proof to show that pesticides are contributing to the steep rise of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and developmental delay (DD.)   The latest study was published a few weeks ago on June 23, 2014 in Environmental Health Perspectives.   This study specifically links prenatal exposure of organophosphates (the most commonly applied agricultural pesticide) and other commonly used pesticides to autism rates in offspring.   Pesticides are neurotoxins that are clearly having a known, predictable and permanent effect on the developing fetal neurology during gestation. This particular study looked at northern CA residents (the state of CA alone …

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I want to talk to you!

    I was a bit nervous, but had SOOOO much fun chatting with Tracy Liebmann on In the Flow with Tracy.   We touch on so many topics: How art heals Creating = Health Where our health issues arise is where our creative process is blocked Release through any creative outlet Stop trying to fix everything Being and allowing, create health Our natural state of being is health Blending Medicine and Art Stop problem solving and start creating! Finding, then following your souls purpose Releasing the need to define everything How to draw creative energy into you What the …

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