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If You Have Pain, Here Is Relief

  Today I have a video for you, addressing PAIN RELIEF.   Chronic pain, acute pain, soreness, tension, fibromyalgia, headaches, back pain… …if you have pain, you absolutely need to understand the message behind pain and why you are feeling it.   In this video, I’ll explain to you what I have explained to hundreds of other patients experiencing pain… often this one concept changes EVERYTHING about the healing process and is enough to catalyze a healing resolution. Not only will I tell you about the nature of pain and the energetic message behind pain, I’ll list for you several […]

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The physical symtoms of the heart chakra… and how to re-align RIGHT NOW!

Wow, I haven’t done a video in a long time, and now I remember why. Dang. I hate the lighting, the angle, the still shot, how I accidentally cropped my head in half… everything!   BUT! I’m posting it anyway.   Because the heart chakra is one of my very favs and because the physical symptoms that arise from the heart chakras are so common, I bet you can find yourself in this video somewhere. The heart chakra affects so much, from heartburn to breast tenderness to fibromyalgia to obsessing over relationships and SO MUCH MORE. Give this video a

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Thoughts on Health… Chronic Pain

Thanks for the wonderful feedback on the video I posted last week. If you missed it, you can check it out here. In that video, I presented the idea that disease is evidence of health. I used acute illnesses (like runny noses) and physical symptoms (like a tumor) to illustrate how physically expressing a disease allows movement towards health. I got several emails afterwards asking how chronic pain would play into that. So this video is really like part 2 — Disease as Evidence of Health… Chronic conditions. In it, I talk about what the energy of chronic pain represents

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