Chakra Healing

As an intuitive physician who works every day to help my patients balance their chakra energy, I have to be aware of and diligent about my own chakra balance. I personally tend to have solar plexus chakra challenges… …that’s the chakra I generally need to spend the most time on. So… after years of working with chakra energy, I’ve developed my own personal routine to support my own chakras so that I can be the best I possibly can be for others.   And you can do it to. Here’s how: Every morning when I wake up, I spend a […]

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Free Healing Retreat

    This free healing retreat is a bonus for signing up to my weekly newsletter. You may have gotten it before if you have entered your email address in my newsletter sign up sidebar.   But I want to post this freely on my blog as well, so that I can help as many people as possible, even those who do not wish to be on my weekly newsletter list. That’s because so much of health care is already restricted from the general public… …so much secrecy in the medical community about how much power you really have in

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Balancing Your Chakras Through Food (+ a round up of my fav food related blog posts)

I received an awesome question from a reader who asked if she could use food choices to help balance out her chakras. Yes! There are definitely foods that enhance and help balance particular chakras.     Today, I want to give you a list of different foods that help enhance different chakras. So, if you feel one of your chakras need awakening or aligning, read on and let’s get your chakras stimulated through the foods you choose today.     But first, do you want to know what chakras might need some balancing? I’ve created a fun Chakra Assessment Quiz

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