Higher Coffee Intake, Lower Mortality Rate

This morning — more than ever — I wanted to write a fun and uplifting health article for you.   I just want to focus on something totally positive. Each week I strive to write something uplifting for you, so that your confidence in your own health gets stronger and stronger and stronger and you have a growing sense of faith in your body’s ability to be resilient. The world is a scary enough place… and if you are brave enough to read the news headlines, it can be down right terrifying. Even in medicine and health… there are way …

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Balloons For Audrey, Filling Our Home!

Balloons filled our living room Friday and Saturday! This weekend was our Balloons For Audrey event, and we filled our home with 157 balloons! Thank you so much to everyone who donated a balloon, it really warmed my heart every single time a donation came through… seeing the love an support you all have for Audrey was amazing. We forwarded every cent of the proceeds to Audrey and she was touched… thank you guys so much for making this event such a success. So Friday evening, the Charlestons Balloon Company delivered the balloons… and if you are a local reader …

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