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Giveaway: Children’s Book about Mother Earth

  This Earth Day, I wanted to give you a sneak peek — into my children’s book on Earthingâ„¢ — and give you a chance to win your very own autographed copy, for FREE!     From The Ground Up shows children exactly how Mother Earth supports our well-being in vibrant, full color! And gives parents tons of great ideas on how support their child’s connection to the earth and set them up for a lifetime of health and Well Being.   You can see what I mean right now — let me open this book for you and show […]

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The World’s First Children’s Book about Earthingâ„¢!

I am so passionate about Earthingâ„¢ that I recommend it every single day to my patients — young and old alike.   Connecting to the earth and grounding with your child is one of the best things you can do to support their long-term health. So many parents wanted to know exactly how to introduce Earthingâ„¢ as a healing technique with their young child. And how to explain it to older children who had scientific questions. Some parents wanted to know about what to do during bad weather or in the cold winter. Some were already connecting to the earth

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My attachment parenting bedtime storybook… and links to get your own right now!

    So do you have a little one you’d like to snuggle up with and read this story to? Or do you know the perfect new parents who could use this positive, supportive book to help establish a nighttime routine? Or do you have a baby shower to go to soon? Or do you just love picture books? Here is where you can get your copy on… and they ship free! Here is where you can get your autographed copy straight from me… and I ship with love!   Thank you so much for checking out my latest

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What I’ve been up to lately…

    I’ve been doing a lot of writing…     … sketching…     … and painting …     … for my second children’s book! It’s the third one I’ve illustrated, but the second one I’ve written and illustrated entirely. Published by Do Life Right Publishing, I’m really excited to have this book wrapped up and out soon! It’s a sweet, gently, beautiful book about the power of sleep and the soul connections we make as a family. I love it and I live it and I breathe it. And I need a little more time each day

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Happy Labor Day!

I have one of the most amazing friends in the world, Barbara Rivera… creator and innovator of Birth Power. I think she is brilliant. She has so much passion for birthing… and she wants every girl in the world today to grow up with positive birthing images… positive birth stories… infused with the knowledge that giving birth is natural, glorious, and wonderful.   Ever since birth has been made into a clinically sterile and even negative event by the media and medical professionals, it has become harder and harder for our young children to grow up in a world where

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Book Teaser

Oh, oh, oh… I’m so excited!!! I know it’s the weekend and I’m breaking my own, self-imposed, only-three-blog-posts-a-week-maximum rule, but I couldn’t wait to share this with you guys… my new book cover! I’ll keep you posted. Should be available within a few weeks… but this little guy has so much joy in his heart, I couldn’t hold him back that long. Here he is… it’s official… meet Jake 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing in my happiness… xoxo

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