10 Ways To Create Space For 2021 To Bring You Fresh New Energy

    I truly believe that even with the stress of everything we are facing right now, we can feel healthier than ever if we intentionally set up some supportive, comforting and deeply healing health routines. So all winter long, I’m going to be giving you a weekly blog post full of uplifting ways to improve your health, and every single idea is something you can do right in the comfort of your own home. It’s a new mini-series I’m releasing for you to help improve your health over these next three winter months. Forward this newsletter to a friend […]

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Spring Cleaning!

On Monday I talked about how to naturally and easily thwart those seasonal allergies that are flare each spring.   Check it out if you missed it… full of things you can try today in order to decrease your allergies tomorrow!!   Today I thought I’d give a few more ideas for the second thing that crosses my mind each spring besides allergies… spring cleaning!!!   Spring Cleaning Tip #1:   I found my new favorite household disinfectant spray… it is eco-friendly, antibacterial, degreases, and shines. It is SOOOOO cheap that the cost is reason enough to use it. And

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Thoughts On Health… Dry Cleaning

  My poor sweet husband. He goes to work with the most wrinkled shirts on earth. In the early years of our marriage, we used to dry clean his shirts. This is because I refuse to iron. I just won’t do it. We have one, but this is the only time it gets used: when my kids want to make treasure maps.   My daughter using the iron to create her treasure map! I haven’t touched the thing in years…   Otherwise, it gets no play at all. I have a steamer too, and that is a great option for

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I guess I am officially a house wife.

Why does this annoy me as much as it thrills me? It really does. I hate that I love the sight of laundry hanging on the line. It seems like it should be oppressive… degrading… at the very least, unfair that I’m doing laundry while my hubby finds fulfillment at work… changing patient’s lives, chatting with his lovely office staff, getting to be the boss of something larger then the chores. And most chores are like that. My husband comes home in the afternoon and we talk about our day… his seems so fulfilling, helping patients towards health, while I’ve

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