Goddess at High Tide

Goddess at High Tide 11 x 14 inch gallery wrapped canvas with finished sides Available as Giclee prints as well as the original canvas The second in my new Goddess series, this has become one of my two ultimate favorite paintings I’ve ever painted. My other favorite is Nighttime Reunion… that one just rolled off my brush. This one… not so much. This painting was a labor of love. It took about three times longer to paint then I had anticipated… I got an immediate vision and knew exactly what I wanted to paint… yet actually painting it was a […]

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Jewelery Reveal #2… reaching for joy!

You all know I wrote the book Jake, A Guinea Pig Finds Adventure to illustrate for folks, young and old, how reaching for joy can change your life. How sometimes a change in perspective… with a little dash of gratitude thrown in… can make the difference between living life in a sanctuary or a cage. Well, I just had to carry my favorite illustration out of that book into a piece of jewelery to wear. Jake, finding triumph as he reaches for joy. I love that feeling of finding unexpected joy in the little things… the moments where my heart

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My New Line… of Jewelery!

I had planned to reveal a painting I am working on, as I absolutely love it… but alas, it’s not finished yet. Next week, perhaps? But in the meanwhile, I have some exciting news. I’ve been taking some of my spiritual art into a new direction… into jewelery! I love this idea, and I’m very excited about it. I love the idea of carrying a little piece of art around with me… close to my heart. I especially think this could be very meaningful jewelery for folks who have a loved one they carry around in their heart… a husband

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Kids Rule My World! And Everything They Taught Me, I’ve Put Into This Latest eCourse!

The pictures in today’s post were taken on New Years Eve, at Sullivan’s Island. We had a nice warm day for the last day of 2010… sunny and cool… perfect for rock climbing and beach walking! I love kids. Especially mine 🙂 They have changed my entire existence and I’m richer for it. It’s been such a steep learning curve for me… I’ve gone from being a professional physician and motivated by wanting to succeed in the world of medicine to being a homeschooling mother whose heart does backflips watching my children eat breakfast. I really didn’t feel particularly maternal

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Cleopatra, A Mummy, and Some of My All-Time Favorite Etsy Artists

My daughter wants to be an archaeologist some day… some day soon. I’ve talked about how our backyard is the site of her first dig… and how she has a deep connection to Ancient Egypt. One thing that I wanted to give her for Christmas was some Egyptian Art for her walls. I couldn’t find anything that was just perfect for my little Cleopatra… so I decided to make her something. I lucked upon this amazing Etsy shop, The Octopode Factory. It is full of awesome characters and artwork, that you can purchase and print out for use in your

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