Saving Summers Seeds (say that three times fast!)

Remember my tutorial, back in June, about allowing some of your garden fruits and veggies to go to seed and how to harvest and save them for replanting? If enjoy gardening, you’ll take twice as much pride and twice as much pleasure in planting seeds that you’ve saved from your own garden.   Propagating your own garden from your own seeds means you have basically a free garden, assuming you use your own compost for fertilizer. That’s my goal… add one or two new crops to the mix each year, but re-grow my old faves from the previous year’s seed. So …

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My Favorite Thing… about Fall

By far my favorite thing about fall is getting outside more. I do love the summertime and it’s heat driving us to seek out water… the ocean more times then not, pools and sprinklers are wonderful too… but there is something magical about the cooler temps and the golden leaves that seem to draw us out into our front yard more and more. I love to literally just lay on the grass for an hour, watching the kids mill around with the hose, or chalk on our sidewalk, or… like today… play Frisbee (and yes, as usual… in pajamas). Seems …

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My Favorite Thing… In My Backyard.

I love my back yard. It is a sanctuary to our whole family. We head out to our backyard multiple times a day, every day, and mill around together. Sometimes gardening. Sometimes taking care of pets. Sometimes rocking on the back porch swing and listening to the chatter of birds. Sometimes jumping on our trampoline. And now… my newest favorite thing about my back yard… our new tree fort. Built by Precision Woodworks, LLC, we couldn’t be more pleased. We had a vision of a tree fort built around the base of a backyard tree… with super safe and wide …

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