The Gift Of Health: Holiday 2014 Limited Edition

Did you know that every single thing on my website and in my shop comes directly from me?   I’ve written every word… Painted every picture… Hand shipped every single order… Personally led every health class…   It always makes me smile when someone fills out my website contact form asking for a staff member to get back to them… It’s not a staff member who takes care of you… it’s me!   It’s my honor and privileged to support your healing all year long through my newsletter and blog and website.   If you feel I’ve helped uplift your […]

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Painting the Energy of The Heart

Since this is Heart Health Month, it’s the perfect time to show you a little behind-the-scenes of a painting series I just finished!   I thought it would be fun to show you all the different layers of paint that went into the final painting.   I generally get images or ideas of what I want to paint as I lay in bed at night inviting sleep in.   One night I felt overcome with the desire to capture healing images of each chakra, so I spent a few weeks honing in on the words I felt activates the energy

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Balloons, balloons, balloons!!!

  Wow Audrey, your peeps just love you!!!! I hope it makes you smile when you see the pics from the big release next week! I’ll share them here on Wed the 26th. I’ve got lots of orders and close to 200 balloons filling my home and I’m psyched!   Why would I fill my house with 200 balloons, you ask? Check out Audrey’s story here and donate another balloon to the giveaway here! Bring it on!   Audrey is certainly an inspiration and I’m so excited to be doing this benefit for her. I was thinking, though… instead of

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