Creativity = Health

In honor of the second chakra this week, I am sharing with you an article I once wrote for a feature on Art Snark’s blog many years ago. I still love it and it holds true! How The Simple Act Of Creating Must Create Physical Health I took the scenic route in becoming an artist. The really looooong way around. The kind of path that took me through medical school, residency, and a bit of clinical practice as a physician before I had children and realized my heartsong was to be a mommy and an artist. That kind of long …

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Thoughts On Health… absolutely random thought for you today.

Hi peeps. I hope you had an awesome weekend. I have a totally random video for you today that I shot in about five minutes and got about 600 bug bites for… and I’m scratching them all raw right now. So give it a watch. If not for me, for my poor scabbed up arms and legs and a particularly raging swollen bite right on my chin. My epidermis and I thank you. xoxo, Laura    

Photographing… Me?

So I am taking a four week photography class by Vivienne McMaster, called Wading In. This course is dedicated to self portraits… expressing yourself through turning the camera around and snapping pictures! It is hard to muster the courage to do this, at least it has been for me… but it’s rewarding too. I have been exploring photography a bit because I’ve needed to learn how to take pictures of my art for my Etsy shop and pictures of just about everything else in my life because of this blog, and I really love it. But I’ve never had any …

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Thoughts On Health… Menstruation Part I (or, why I think being a woman totally ROCKS!)

I’m going to start a new topic… several slots for my Skin Care eCourse are still available, if you miss the skin care discussion we had going (Parts One, Two, and Three.) I’ve been excited to delve into this topic for a while now. Last year, I put together an informal talk for all the local homeschool girls that were pre-teen age… dealing with impending puberty. We met at a park and I talked all about periods… hormones… body changes… and you know what? The girls enjoyed it… but the moms are the ones who loved it most! I got …

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