3 Additional Ways To Protect Your Brain Volume

Today I have three suggestions to help you protect the brain you have for a nice long lifetime.     These recommendations are all based on medical reports — ones that I feel do not get highlighted enough — the POSITIVE meaningful study results that show holistic things you can do to take charge of your health… … like focus on protecting your brain volume!   If you haven’t watched last week’s video on ways to boost your restorative sleep, you might want to pop over and watch it… …as deep restorative sleep is step ONE for healthy brain function …

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Life After Loss… Miscarriage Support

In keeping with last week’s post about my own personal grieving process, today I’ve invited a very soulful, brave and honest woman to stop by my blog and share her own, similar-but-different experience with grieving. For Catherine Keating, loss came in the form of miscarriage. Twice. Finding a path back from grief into gratitude, from sorrow to strength involved writing a book. Reading There Was Supposed To Be A Baby was so beautiful for me because it echoed so many of the same tools I was using in my own healing process… all outlined in one supportive, gentle, pure, raw …

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