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Thoughts On Health… seasonal allergies and the link to stress.

Part 4 of my “Seriousness is a Disease” series, today I discuss how prolonged stress physically changes your mucosal membranes and leads to a hyper-allergic response. If you missed Part 1 (brain health) or Part 2 (heart health) or Part 3 (joint health) give them a listen and catch up to speed on why I fervently believe that seriousness is a disease. Seriousness causes physical change in our bodies that are as damaging as most other diseases out there. I believe that when we led our lives from an overly serious vantage point, it causes us to live in a […]

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Thoughts on Health… Chronic Pain

Thanks for the wonderful feedback on the video I posted last week. If you missed it, you can check it out here. In that video, I presented the idea that disease is evidence of health. I used acute illnesses (like runny noses) and physical symptoms (like a tumor) to illustrate how physically expressing a disease allows movement towards health. I got several emails afterwards asking how chronic pain would play into that. So this video is really like part 2 — Disease as Evidence of Health… Chronic conditions. In it, I talk about what the energy of chronic pain represents

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Thoughts on Health… the Brain, part 2

Part two of Brain Health today… the energetic health of our brains! Coming up on Friday… a painting reveal! See you there! xoxo   When nothing is sure, Everything is possible. – Margaret Drabble     On Monday, we talked about how the brain ages… how it’s natural tendency is to get stuck in routine, limited by the confines of the skull, limited by concrete thinking. As we age, our brain goes literally from being malleable, flexible, growing, open fontanels and unfused skull plates… to encasement in bone, linear thinking, a huge storage place for labels and facts, repetitive neuronal

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Thoughts on Health… Our Hearts

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi When I sat down to brainstorm how I was going to make an inspirational collage of the heart out of my med school anatomy book, I started by making a list. A list of all the words that I felt represented the *energy* of the heart. Truth. Love. Joy. Heartsong. Re-centering. Life Force. Source. Freedom. Health. Gratitude. Obviously we have a heart to pump blood (and thereby deliver oxygen and nutrition) to every

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