Does Dairy Cause Acne?

A new medical study takes a look at whether dairy is associated with acne in teens.     I love love love skin and eagerly took three times the amount of dermatology training in medical school and internship than my classmates because I find skin so absolutely fascinating. More on that in a minute. But first, this study in particular peaked my interest because I am asked by patients all the time whether dairy is a trigger for acne. The Study (published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology in August 2016):   Researchers looked at over 220 […]

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Your Skin Is Trying To Tell You Something

Skin can speak to us through the location of the eczema patches we have, through acne, through dry tight skin, hives, changes in hair growth, pigmentation, wrinkles, stretch marks… …and much, much more.     Skin can speak subtly through chronic messages that it whispers to you your entire life… ….or skin can scream loudly and angrily during acute transitions and times of crisis.   But no matter how your skin speaks to you, there is always a message to be appreciated.     Because our skin replicates so quickly, it is a wonderful mirror for what is going on

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The Intuitive Energy Of Skin

This is the third post in my series about our largest organ… our skin! Today I take an intuitive approach to what our skin represents and give you two specific, personal examples from my own life… … to show you how our skin manifests signs and symptoms and to help you interpret your own skin messages. As a physician, skin is like magic to me.   In medicine, we see the miracle of skin repair all the time: You can cut it during surgery, and it will grow back together within a week. You can scrape it to take a

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