Medical Proof That Spirituality Matters

A recent medical study looked at the effect of spirituality and religion on quality of life in cancer patients.   Participants could be spiritual, religious, both or none. Scientists wanted to look at what effect, if any, spirituality and religiosity had on patient outcomes, and if being religious worked synergistically with spirituality or independently from it.     Over 550 patients were entered into this study, all were cancer patients undergoing treatment for various cancers… these patients were followed for one year and were assessed for quality of life. Turns out, religious patients had better quality of life if they …

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3 Easy Ways to Heal Your Root Chakra

  On Monday I gave examples of how you may be feeling and what health issues may be a concern for you if you have a first chakra imbalance.   Today — let’s launch right into some of the solutions. Your old theme was “needing to control circumstances to feel safe.”   Your new theme? Focusing on feeling connected at all times. It goes like this: “I am connected, therefore I AM SAFE. I am lovingly held by not only the people and relationships in my life but also more deeply by the earth as it supports our growth and …

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