Spring has officially ARRIVED!

I am so excited to share with you today a gardening update! I’d love to hear about what your garden situation is and how it’s coming along… if spring has reached your part of the world yet… links to your pictures and blogs would be awesome and most welcome!!! Spring has definitely sprung around Charleston, SC. Here is what it looks like in my back yard:     Lettuce coming up nicely… this is the Rocky Top Lettuce Blend from Baker Creek…       Little rows of carrots just peeking through… these are yellow carrots from Baker Creek…   […]

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New Beginnings

The past several nights have been near freezing temps and I wake to find a frosty lawn. It makes me worry that I put my seedlings out too early, so I go to check on how they have survived in their makeshift greenhouses. Walking out onto my front porch, I’m reminded that life doesn’t always run as smoothly as we hope. Not only have the temps been dipping below what I was anticipating, but the cover to one of my greenhouses has blown away in this passionate windy weather we’ve been having. Making do, by putting some saran wrap over

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Organic Gardening… Growing Seedlings in Recycled Containers (tutorial)

I have been saving some old boxes and cardboard tubes and plastic lids and such for the past several weeks… it’s so wonderful how you can recycle things you find around your home into something you needed and wanted, for free! Today I’ll show you two different ways to create mini-greenhouses for your precious seedlings. Here are just some items from a large collection of recyclable goods I’ve been saving. After the planting season, I’ll just rinse out any plastics I’ve used and toss them back in the recycling bin. The cardboard I generally just plant right into the soil

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Organic Gardening Series… kicking it off with seeds!

Spring has filled the air around here… at least it’s become warm enough for me to realize the ground isn’t going to stay cold for long and I better get some of the garden fertilized and seedlings started. The first step of this whole process is to make sure we are getting non-GMO seeds. With the recent surrender of Whole Foods, Organic Valley, and Stoneyfeild Farms to the Monsanto GMO dictatorship, it is more important then EVER to make sure you are as close to your food as possible… knowing where your food comes from is the only real way

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