It’s Planting Season! 10 Reasons To Grow At Least One Plant

    I love watching the earth wake up more and more each day, because even though there are plenty of ways to get grounded in the winter — even outside — it’s undeniably easier when the weather is warm and bright green leaves and fresh green grass wait for you outside.  I’ve already written you a bunch of blog posts to help you get excited for the spring season. Posts like: Why You Think More Clearly When You Spend Time Outside Sick Of Winter? Here’s Why Hearing Birds Will Instantly Help You Feel Better 10 Activities You’ll Probably Do […]

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To Prepare For Spring…

  I love to fill this blog with lots of ways you can support your own health in your own home. I believe health is your birthright and your natural state. One of the best ways you can support your own health is to take charge of the food you put in your body.   Beyond checking labels and shopping organic and eco-friendly packaging… I’m talking more intimate than that. I’m talking growing your own food in your own garden to support the health of your body.   Not only will the organic foods be more delicious and nutritious, but

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Tutorial: Garden Markers

    Today’s quick and easy tute: 1.  Collect rocks 2.  Paint and allow to dry (doing it in your jammies, highly recommended.  Even better if you can get your sweet daughter to paint them with you…) Use acrylic paint so they are weather resistant… avoid tempura, watercolor, or washable paints! 3.  Using a permanent marker, write the names of each crop across the rock.   Once my garden is actually underway, I’ll show you pics of them in use!  Until that warm spring day… plan, germinate seeds, start your seedlings, get your markers set, and dream, my friend, dream.

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The earth below

    Nothing soothes the mid-winter blahs like delighting in Baker’s Creek heirloom seed catalog, planning a spring garden that is just around the corner (or so I keep wanting to believe!) The earth awaits, my friends! Thanks to saving seeds from last years crop (tutorial here) I had all our standard seeds stored and ready for use for free this year, which left me some extra wiggle room to expand our garden and try out some fun new crops I’ve never tried before. I might have gone a little overboard, but I just can’t wait to get started. In

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Happy Halloween

Thoughts On Health will be on Wednesday this week, because today we’ll be busy…   …snacking on these…     I toast these from the pumpkins we carve… seasoning them with lots of cayenne pepper, some garlic, paprika and salt, then 5 minutes in a 450 degree oven and you arrive at YUM!   … drying and saving these for our garden next year…   just dry your pumpkin and squash seeds for two weeks on a towel (flipping once) then store in an airtight container for planting next year! Check out my Saving Seeds tutorial for more info  

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Saving Summers Seeds (say that three times fast!)

Remember my tutorial, back in June, about allowing some of your garden fruits and veggies to go to seed and how to harvest and save them for replanting? If enjoy gardening, you’ll take twice as much pride and twice as much pleasure in planting seeds that you’ve saved from your own garden.   Propagating your own garden from your own seeds means you have basically a free garden, assuming you use your own compost for fertilizer. That’s my goal… add one or two new crops to the mix each year, but re-grow my old faves from the previous year’s seed. So

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Saving Seeds, a tutorial (i.e. the perks of lazy gardening)

  All this heat is causing my plants to bolt early!  Here, you can see my basil has started shooting up flower/seed heads…   I’m really excited about this tutorial. And the reason I’m excited is because I’m going to be trying it for the first time myself, along with anyone out there who wants to try it with me! Okay, so I admit that this topic is only an issue because of my sub-par gardening skills.  That and the extreme heat/drought that we are experiencing in this part of SC.  All of my (admittedly unattended) garden crops are bolting…

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