The Gift Of Health: Holiday 2014 Limited Edition

Did you know that every single thing on my website and in my shop comes directly from me?   I’ve written every word… Painted every picture… Hand shipped every single order… Personally led every health class…   It always makes me smile when someone fills out my website contact form asking for a staff member to get back to them… It’s not a staff member who takes care of you… it’s me!   It’s my honor and privileged to support your healing all year long through my newsletter and blog and website.   If you feel I’ve helped uplift your …

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Jewelery Reveal #2… reaching for joy!

You all know I wrote the book Jake, A Guinea Pig Finds Adventure to illustrate for folks, young and old, how reaching for joy can change your life. How sometimes a change in perspective… with a little dash of gratitude thrown in… can make the difference between living life in a sanctuary or a cage. Well, I just had to carry my favorite illustration out of that book into a piece of jewelery to wear. Jake, finding triumph as he reaches for joy. I love that feeling of finding unexpected joy in the little things… the moments where my heart …

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