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Feel Centered And Powerful With This One Sentence (video)

  To find your own center, no matter what is going on with the world around you, is priceless.     This is the power of your solar plexus… …to feel at peace with your own personal power so that you no longer have to struggle with the power struggles that dominate the world around you.     If there is any issues in your solar plexus you might feel: anxious overlooked worried emotional tense powerless   And you might have: a knot in your stomach an ulcer irritable bowel chronic constipation weight issues gall disease liver problems addictions eating […]

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Chakra Healing

As an intuitive physician who works every day to help my patients balance their chakra energy, I have to be aware of and diligent about my own chakra balance. I personally tend to have solar plexus chakra challenges… …that’s the chakra I generally need to spend the most time on. So… after years of working with chakra energy, I’ve developed my own personal routine to support my own chakras so that I can be the best I possibly can be for others.   And you can do it to. Here’s how: Every morning when I wake up, I spend a

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12 Ways To Empower Yourself TODAY!

In the past two weeks, I’ve been contacted by at least a dozen folks who found my blog and asked me about solar plexus issues.   Each time, I’ve forwarded them this blog post I wrote earlier. So… listening to the hints of the Universe, I thought it might be a good time to post this info again on my website. So here you go… my dear solar plexus soul brother and sisters.   What you are going through…I’ve been there, done that… am still doing it. It’s a process, no doubt.   Solar plexus symptoms — nausea, anxiety, nervousness,

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Eating And Emotions… My Story

It’s been very interesting to travel down an unexpected road, one that I had no idea awaited for me, and to just put one foot in front of the other and walk it. It’s painful no doubt, but as I walked this path I have had the chance to LIVE so much of what I intuitively *knew* about how digestion, the solar plexus and our emotions are all tied in together.   The first day that I awoke to find a farewell letter from my husband on my kitchen table… my solar plexus got a sucker punch I never saw

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12 Ideas For Instant Solar Plexus Chakra Relief… TODAY!

Okay my friends, as I blogged about on Monday… I’m a solar plexus type of gal.   This is a painting I painted of me… re-balancing my solar plexus.   This is the one chakra I have to constantly balance and re-balance in order to keep it open. So I’m a pro at this and I’ve got lots of tips for those of you who may benefit from a little solar plexus balancing yourself.     Do any of these sound like you? irritable bowel issues constipation weight struggles (either over or underweight) binge eating addictions diabetes self-worth issues stomach

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How Your Digestion is Linked To Your Emotions

Everybody already knows this… that digestion and emotions are directly linked. You know that sudden feeling when you are scared and you become instantly nauseous? As a mom I got that feeling all the time when my kids were younger and I lost sight of them for a moment in a public place. It’s a horrendous feeling… it doesn’t matter how hungry you were or how long since your last meal — in life-or-death situations, hunger immediately evaporates and the rest of your senses are heightened (heart pounding and ears and eyes on maximum alert) and you scan the crowd

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