Letting Go Helps You Heal (Here’s How)

Well I don’t know much. I do know that this world is a complicated, beautiful, painful place. And I have lived quite a few decades and for roughly half of that time I’ve been a practicing physician as well, so I’ve learned quite a bit about what allows the human body to be resilient to stress and trauma and illness and disease. And what I’ve found is that surrendering is what allows healing to happen.   Surrendering = healing.   What heals people in real life is the total opposite of what I learned about healing in medical school. We […]

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Do Not Give Up… Just Surrender. Surrender = Healing

This past week I was working intensely with several patients on the idea that surrender is sometimes the most healing, empowering, strengthening healing option possible.   Sometimes… to surrender IS to heal. Sharing with my patients why SURRENDER = HEALING reminded me of this blog post I wrote last year, and I had a nudge to re post it again today. Maybe you are the reader I felt that nudge for.   Maybe when life overwhelms you and cracks you open and forces your surrender, you are the one that I’m meant to remind today: surrendering is safe. The very

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The Healing Process of Grief

2013 was a huge year of transition for me. And, to be frank, it was a year of loss. But also a year of growth. A year of survival and a year of strength.   I’ve learned a lot first hand about loss, grief and healing… and I can contrast it quite vividly to what I *learned* about grief and healing during my medical training.   I still remember being in medical school and learning all about the classic model of the grief process, set forth by the amazing and brave Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: DABDA (I’m sure many of my readers,

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