Cut Your Risk Of Diabetic Retinopathy In Half… Easily

Vision loss from diabetes is becoming a massive world wide problem, increasing by 65% in the past 20 years.   In 2010, over 4 million people world wide suffered from vision loss and blindness due to diabetes. But there is a very easy, holistic, inexpensive way to cut those numbers in half. Imagine saving the eyesight of 2 million people world wide. Enter… omega fatty acids. As if I didn’t already love Omega 3 Fatty Acids enough… …now they are medically proven to save your eyesight!   I’ve blogged over and over about my love of Omega 3 fatty acids, […]

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The most vivid intuition I’ve ever gotten

My lovely grandma passed away early last Friday morning…   As I head up to here part of the country for services and to hug my beautiful precious mother and spend time with her, I feel extremely open to spirit and tender.   It is during these times I like to remember some of my most vivid intuitions and enjoy knowing my grandmother is a part of the pure, positive world of spirit.   I remember my very favorite spiritual vision I’ve ever had and I’d like to share that with you here today in memory of my grandmother’s life

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Looking Deeply…

  See Beyond The Surface… healing artwork   There really are two ways to look at everything, and the more I remember that the more flexible and kind and patient and loving I am able to be. So I created this artwork as a physical reminder. Literally ripping an old anatomy diagram of the eyeball out from my med school textbook, I left half the way they taught it. Cold and clinical. Can’t tell if the eyeball is a dead or living representation… just the mere facts. But then I added the energy, the life force to the second half…

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