2017 Healthy Goals Checklist

You CAN feel better!

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Let’s start 2017 off right!


I’ve got all the best anti-aging tips from the world of holistic medicine for you right here in one place.

So, let’s go through some things you can do to look and feel better, inside and out:


1. Healthy Skin



(yes it’s superficial, but healthy skin means you feel covered in a luxurious healthy glow from head to toe!)

My main philosophy is to stop accelerated aging.

If we just stopped the accelerated aging brought on by UV exposure, environmental toxins, make up, stress, smoking, air pollution, etc… we’d look decades younger then societal norms by the time we were into old age.


So, here are some things to consider:

— support the intuitive function of your skin

— no smoking

— good hydration, to help the skin naturally protect and repair

— UV (midday exposure) avoidance and use of sunglasses and a hat

non-nano, non-chemical block UV protection for prolonged exposure

— all natural make up (I like 100% Pure)

baking soda for exfoliation to increase skin turnover

coconut oil for moisturization that penetrates deep and isn’t full of skin irritating and aging chemicals

— discontinue all “anti-aging” products that are mainstream (here is why…)

— and for more tips, join my Skin Happiness Online Class (it starts in just a few weeks & I would love to work directly with you in the class to solve all of your specific skin care concerns!)


2. Healthy Body


The goal here is to decrease the inflammatory damage on your body over a lifetime.

Everything we *thought* was normal aging (dementia, arthritis, increase risk of heart disease and stroke, increased cancer incidence) is actually NOT normal aging but instead is a result of a lifetime of inflammatory damage!


So… things to consider are:

decrease sugar and gluten in your diet (irritants known to cause whole body and neurologic inflammation)

— hydrate fully and often

— antioxidants daily — fresh fruits and veggies, raw juices, supplements like CoQ10 and turmeric/curcumin are very anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-aging

— fast nightly to reduce cancer risk (and read this article for 7 other easy steps to decrease your lifetime cancer risk)

— increase healthy fats — fresh organic eggs, grassfed red meat, organic butter, whole fat yogurt, nuts, avocado, coconut oil, fish oil or Omega 3 supplements to protect cardiac health

— daily movement… the very best is simply walking daily

grounding daily to decrease inflammation from head-to-toe and prevent age-related weight gain

— deep restorative sleep routinely — this keeps your entire body functioning as youthfully as possible and even wards off dementia… I recommend 9+ hours a night… here is a list of ways to sleep better tonight!

— Vit D supplementation — for cancer prevention, to support healthy cardiovasculature and much much more

— probiotics for gut, skin, and mental health



3. Healthy Brain



Mental health falls under the “use it or lose it” category…

…much like our body we need to keep going or we stagnate.

So, be sure to focus on:

— constant re-evaluation of mindframe

— support of friends, family, social network

— downtime and saying no to activities and obligations that drain you

— letting go of that which no longer serves you to make room for the new (how to do that, you ask? Click over to watch the 2nd step of my FREE Healing Vortex video class here…)

— Fish oil/omega 3 supplementation (shown to actually increase brain volume!) resveratrol supplements, Vit E, zinc, and Vit D all are brain protective

probiotics to boost mood

— healthy fats in the diet, as mentioned above

— decrease or eliminate gluten as I mention in this blog post

— eat organically to decrease pesticide exposure, as I explain in this blog post

grounding daily to help uplift mood

— declutter routinely, keeping your environment fresh and releasing the old

sleep deeply at night

daily morning light exposure to do everything from treat depression to boost sex drive!

— ongoing mental stimulation like reading, continuing adult education classes, playing a musical instrument, even simply a weekly card game with friends!


So a simple plan for 2017 is to look at all three categories, the skin, body and mind… and ask yourself, what area do you intuitively feel right now you need to focus on?

Which category would most help balance out your life right now?


Once you know that, just skim the list and pick two or three things that jump out at you as do-able, things you can easily add to your daily routine.

Just two or three things can make all the difference in the world and will not only be healing but will help preserve that beautiful body of yours for many years to come.

To your healthy and vibrant future…

xoxox, Laura