10 Ways to Nurture Yourself, Today.

Quick fixes for you today to feel reconnected and happier. It’s part of my chakra series of blog posts… today we are focusing on the crown chakra.   Do you feel lonely? Isolated? Frustrated? Do you tend to be harder on yourself then you would be on others? Do you take things out on yourself, of feel responsible for things that are out of your control? Do you suffer from insomnia? Loss of pleasure in the small things? Lost the spontaneous laugh you used to have?   If any of these things sound like you, let yourself off the hook […]

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Prevent dementia AND reduce skin cancer? Yep. Here’s how…

There is one thing you can drink every single day (multiple times a day) that has now been proven to not only prevent dementia but also reduce your skin cancer risk. It’s lovely. It’s warm. It’s invigorating. It’s coffee! Now, I know caffeinated coffee is addictive and I can say for sure I don’t feel my best when I am in a cycle of “needing” coffee to wake me up each morning. However, let me tell you about two recently released medical studies that show the encouraging results of drinking caffeinated coffee every day and you can decide how you

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Meet Bonnie

Meet dear Bonnie. She is married to a wonderful man whom she loves very very much. I can relate to that! Similar to my Balloons for Audry event I wanted her to share her story here today because I adore what she has decided to do, to contribute what she can to a very personal and worthwhile cause, as you’ll read below: “My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March of 2009 but was able to have a surgery called a Whipple Procedure in April. The very next April, his younger sister was also diagnosed with this horrible disease.

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My New Fav Sunscreen

In years past, I’ve recommended Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 30 powder, which is a powdered form of titanium dioxide that is micronized (yet *not* a nanoparticle) and I’ve also blogged about Mission Essentials, whose sunscreen is locally made and produced… I still like both products and use them from time to time, but they both contain titanium dioxide. In an effort to avoid titanium dioxide, I’ve kept up the search for the ultimate suncare cream.   I’ve found it. Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the ultimate in sunscreen: Miessnce Reflect Outdoor Balm. Why is it my fav? It truly absorbs

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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Balloons for Audrey

Recently a sweet mother one of my local groups sent out an email that changed me. Audrey was asking for breast milk donations because she recently found her breast cancer has returned and she wanted to secure a supply of milk for her nursing baby girl. I was so touched, seeing the love that Audrey has towards her baby girl and the extent that she would go through to continue to feed her breast milk… it made me desperately wish that I was still nursing and could help. As many of you know, I was absolutely smitten with breastfeeding… I

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Thoughts On Health… FAQ: Skin Care

This past week I was asked by three different folks about skin care, so I think this topic is calling for me to blog about it! My motto is: simplify. Let me back up and tell you a little about my background… I briefly considered going into Dermatology when I was in med school, so I took three times the regular amount of training in Dermatology as a result. I’ve always been fascinated by skin and surgical procedures, so I really enjoyed those rotations, chock full of both. I also spent four summers throughout college working at the National Cancer

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When my physician self and my artist self collide… look out!

A dozen new cards and three boxed sets are being slowly added to the shop this weekend… I’m enjoying seeing them come to life as cards, after I put so much of my soul into painting each one… it’s fun to think of them reincarnated as a greeting to some dear friend or love! There is one card I want to showcase to you in particular. It is my favorite, but I think it is likely to get overlooked. It isn’t my best painting, or my splashiest colors, or even instantly understandable. But it is my favorite, none-the-less. Because it

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