It’s Way Too Cold For Me Outside… What I Do To Stay Grounded

I hate cold. OMG I hate cold.   I am super honest about that. Even though I just finished writing my new book: The Earth Prescription which has an entire chapter filled with the most fabulous Winter Grounding Ideas, I am totally transparent in disclosing that I just completely hate the cold. Until you can get your hands on that book and have unlimited ideas on grounding in the winter (you can pre-order autographed copies right here to be the first to get your hands on it!) I have created a bunch of videos for you to demonstrate how you […]

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Winter Skin Salvation!

Winter can be a tough time for anybody’s skin… painfully dry hands and cracked heels galore (ouch!)   Dry heated air that dehydrates and cracks vulnerable skin inside combine with whipping cold winds that chaff skin outside… …no fun especially if you suffer from chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema or other forms of dermatitis.   Today I have a blog post for you that is full of wonderful things you can do to support tender dry winter skin and support skin health in general. You know that I love skin care (at one point I even considered going

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Inspiration Wednesdays… DIY inspirational art

    I’ve got a great little DIY tutorial for you today for this lovely Inspiration Wednesday. This one is sooooo easy and yet looks so fabulous, you can do it this afternoon and have it hanging up in your home by tomorrow! The best part is you can customize exactly what you want it to say… do you have an affirmation you would like to greet you each morning as you start your day? Do you have a favorite quote that makes your heart sing? Invite positivity and love right into your own home… and by creating it yourself

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