17 Ways To Naturally Decrease Your Stress (+ A Few Freebies To Help)

Well, let’s face it, we are entering into a stressful week: election week + a pandemic.   My entire goal in running my website and writing these weekly blog posts for you is to decrease your stress and provide tons of uplifting ideas to help you feel better. So today, on top of sharing my favorite stress relief tips, I also decided to turn my Adrenal Repair Online Class into a digital book you can download right this very minute, for free! It has tons of fun things inside like a quiz to help you figure out if you are […]

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Letting Go Helps You Heal (Here’s How)

Well I don’t know much. I do know that this world is a complicated, beautiful, painful place. And I have lived quite a few decades and for roughly half of that time I’ve been a practicing physician as well, so I’ve learned quite a bit about what allows the human body to be resilient to stress and trauma and illness and disease. And what I’ve found is that surrendering is what allows healing to happen.   Surrendering = healing.   What heals people in real life is the total opposite of what I learned about healing in medical school. We

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Feel Centered And Powerful With This One Sentence (video)

  To find your own center, no matter what is going on with the world around you, is priceless.     This is the power of your solar plexus… …to feel at peace with your own personal power so that you no longer have to struggle with the power struggles that dominate the world around you.     If there is any issues in your solar plexus you might feel: anxious overlooked worried emotional tense powerless   And you might have: a knot in your stomach an ulcer irritable bowel chronic constipation weight issues gall disease liver problems addictions eating

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Fav Quote #3

  Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, But around in awareness. – James Thurber       I love this quote! One of my favorite quotes of all time, I wanted to capture it on paper and bring the meaning alive. This is my third quote splat… just a weekly series of fun, silly, low-key illustrations that I splat onto the page in just a few minutes, off the cuff, to accompany my favorite quotes. To illustrate the “looking back in anger” I painted the left side of the paper red and filled it up

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Thoughts on Health… A Poem That Wrote Itself

a close up on my All Is Well original painting Welcome back from the holidays!!!! This Monday I was planning on doing a FAQ about Homeschooling… until I woke up this morning with a poem half out of my head and the other half wiggling out. I didn’t want to forget a word of it, so I grabbed a dull pencil from my nightstand and wrote the words down in the margins of the closest book I could find. I’m walking a very raw path right now… transforming and still in the creative process of merging my old life (analytical,

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Poem of My Life

This is a poem about my life. It is very raw and real and the truest thing I know, for me. It is the story of my existence. I feel like I’ve had two lives… I’ve been two people… the person I was before my family, and the person I have become, almost instantly, after becoming a mother. The person I was before… I don’t love to think about her. I was creative and full of energy, but also full of nerves and never ever comfortable in my own skin. Often critical of others and preferring to compete with life

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