Happy Holidays (and A Quick Holiday Tradition… Join Me?)

Just popping by today quickly to say happiest of holidays to every single one of you today, to your loved ones, your friends, your family, your soul connections, your acquaintances, your loves.   ((((XOXOXOXO)))) Love to you each.   I also wanted to invite you to join me in releasing your ties to 2014 as the year draws to a close… …as beautiful and as magical and as life changing and as painful and as heavy and as light and as healing and as freeing and as trivial as important and as boring and as majestic as 2014 might have …

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Healing From Toxic Relationships (video)

Are your friends or loved ones draining you?   Are you having difficulty receiving nurturing… … either from yourself or from others?   Or, are you feeling taken advantage of lately?     Do you have these common heart chakra conditions? fibromyalgia breast issues heartburn circulatory issues heart disease trust issues abandonment anger or jealousy   Today I offer this video to help you enjoy your heart chakra today… Focusing on your heart chakra health is the most direct way to heal from toxic relationships, to welcome more meaningful and supportive relationships, and to LOVE YOURSELF!!! Give me 6 minutes …

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Super Easy Spring Detox — 5 Days To Renewal

I am so excited to launch my updated, 2014 Gentle Reset Detox today. I’m aching to do a gentle spring detox again, and I want to do it with you!   I’ve designed a very gentle, 5 day course that we can do together… each day adding a new layer of cleansing, culminating in 5 layers of a fresh new you!   It is very basic and very gentle, perfect for anyone. There is no fasting and no radical rules… just a gentle re-aligning with Well-Being. Releasing the old toxins and flushing in health. 5 days to welcome spring on …

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