Why Allergies Might Help You Live Longer

A new study suggests that folks with allergic rhinitis are more likely to outlive the rest of us.   Allergic rhinitis patients have a decreased risk of heart attack, a decreased risk of stroke and over all a significantly decreased risk of all-cause mortality!   “They were basically half as likely to die during the study period,” says Dr. Crans Yoon, after looking at a database of over 200,000+ allergic rhinitis patients and following those patients for a 7 year period.   Presented at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology 2014 conference, Dr. Yoon found that people who …

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Up This One Mineral To Up Your Mood

On the December 15, 2013, the medical journal Biological Psychiatry published the results of a huge study that found overwhelming evidence of a link between zinc and depression.   The study showed that folks who are depressed have a lower concentrations of zinc in their peripheral blood than non-depressed individuals.   Looking at both animal studies and preclinical and clinical trials, researchers found that “a growing body of evidence demonstrates that zinc deficiency can induce depressive-like behavior in animals, which can be effectively reversed by zinc supplementation,” and also, perhaps more importantly, that zinc added to antidepressant therapy may produce …

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5 Important Updates in Female Health

1. A new study just published in the January 2013 issue of Maturitas revealed that urinary incontinence (UI) does not go hand in hand with menopause.   Although conventional medical wisdom has often stated that urinary incontinence has an onset at (or worsening of symptoms at) menopause, a recently published metanalysis of the medical literature doesn’t support this now out-dated thinking.   Researchers looked at over 450 studies in the medical literature and found that there was no link between menopause and onset or severity of urinary incontinence.   This is so important for us to understand as women, because: …

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