Grounding Outside In the Cold This Fall And Winter? You Can, Here’s How

    Well, we just passed the fall equinox (in the northern hemisphere where I live) that was on September 22nd this year. And as we move towards the cooler months of fall and winter, my inbox always gets overflowed with folks asking me if there is any way to keep grounding outside when the weather turns cold… and even bitterly cold. Yes, actually, there are tons of fabulous options to stay warm while still grounding outside. I’ve thoroughly tested them all for you — literally confirming that these grounding options work and truly ground you by verifying them with …

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The Best Grounding Shoes On Earth

  The best way to get grounded is to just go outside and directly touch the earth.   But what do you to when it’s getting too cold to go barefoot? Or too many hazards, like sharp rocks, glass, litter, fire ants, slippery ice, burning hot sidewalks? Grounding through your hands is a great option, as I talk about in this video here. But what if you are a die-hard fan of grounding through your feet? Then you are in luck because I have so many solutions today for you it’s incredible. First up, I have four shoe lines I’m …

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Find Out If You Are Going Barefoot Enough With This Simple Test

Are you getting excited for Spring to arrive? I sure am!   I just ordered all of my organic heirloom seeds to start my garden seedlings, and for me this means tons of barefoot time outdoors is just around the corner. So today’s question is… are your feet ready for spring?   To find out, I made a quick, fun, hands-on video for you to help you answer these questions: Are you getting enough barefoot time? Are your feet properly aligned? Is the alignment of your foot giving you knee, hip and back pain? Are the shoes you are wearing …

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Test your foot health with this super simple tip I learned in med school!

Are your feet trapped in unhealthy shoes?   You’ll know in just a minute. Go ahead and kick off your shoes (yes, right at your desk!) grab a piece of paper and a pen and watch this super quick video. In just a few seconds you’ll know if your shoes are healthy for your feet and if you are getting enough barefoot time, plus a bonus tip for realigning your tootsies. Enjoy! xoxo, Laura

The Top 3 Earthing FAQ’s!

This video is going to answer the top three questions I get asked constantly about earthing, in 3 minutes flat! Give me three minutes, and I’ll not only answer them for you, I’ll show you!!!   1. Can I wear socks and still be grounded? 2. Can I lay on a blanket and still be grounded? 3. What the heck do I do in winter? Let’s see! xoxox, Laura