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Headache Much? Heal Your Third Eye Chakra (video)

  If you get chronic headaches or migraines, let me offer you this patient’s journey…. so that you can see how your headaches directly relate to your third eye chakra.   Recently I had a patient who had gotten back-to-back migraines — it was horrible for her!!! Checking in with her chakras energetically, I could see her third eye chakra was blocked, with an enormous amount of pressure trying to off gas through these migraines. I could see her third eye was incredibly gifted — she had amazing intuitive skills that she was blocking out and resisting.   Ultimately, releasing …

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The Intuitive Energy Of Skin

This is the third post in my series about our largest organ… our skin! Today I take an intuitive approach to what our skin represents and give you two specific, personal examples from my own life… … to show you how our skin manifests signs and symptoms and to help you interpret your own skin messages. As a physician, skin is like magic to me.   In medicine, we see the miracle of skin repair all the time: You can cut it during surgery, and it will grow back together within a week. You can scrape it to take a …

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Headache and Migraine: why we get ’em and what to do about it.

I have another health video for you today!   I’m still on my mission to decrease health anxiety around the world in as many people as I possibly can. Today I’m going to do this by giving you a deeper understanding of headache and migraine and reduce your stress over getting your next one… …as well as 4 AWESOME things you can do to make a huge impact on the number of headaches/migraines you get.   I’d love to know your thoughts on this and answer any lingering questions you might have in the comments below… xoxoxox, Laura [youtube]

8 Ways To Support Intuition (and Heal the Third Eye Chakra)

One of my patients came to me complaining of constant migraines. Frustrated after being given an “alls clear” by her family practitioner but still suffering from debilitating headaches and increasing fatigue, she came to me at her wit’s end. Working together through several consultations we were able to elucidate the cause of her symptoms. Turns out her fatigue began increasing when her job position changed to include customer service at work and her headaches are accompanied by dizziness. Going through her past medical history we were able to find out that she is an empath — a highly intuitive person …

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