My Latest Painting… How I Painted It & Why I Bothered

    Have you ever curled up in the fetal position and just wanted to no longer exist?  Just dissolve into the floor and no longer be?  Of course you have, you are a human being and you’ve been traumatized as we all are in different and horrible ways.  I’ve spent so many early mornings, so many late nights curled up like this on my shower floor, vomiting down the drain from anxiety and pain and unable to stand. This painting is my attempt to comfort you in those moments.  Trauma and pain have a very intense way of releasing […]

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How To Find Inner Clarity And Use It To Stick To Your Long Term Health Goals

Last winter I attended a wonderful medical conference in which I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Terry Wahls speak. She is so impressive, with the amount of medical experience, knowledge and wisdom she possesses… particularly in the field of autoimmune disorders and how diet impacts our body’s health.  Visit her website here if you are interested in learning more about that. That’s not what I loved most, however.  The part I loved most was when she talked about helping patients get clear on why they even want to do the work of healing in the first place. She walked

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When You’re Struggling to Listen to Your Intuition… I’ve Got You

    Today I am sharing an interview I recently did for the fabulous Rachel Molendo… she features this interview on her podcast: The Fill Your Cup Podcast. Honestly I do interviews all the time and I rarely share them here, because they usually focus on grounding, which repeats much of the same information that I already share with you here on my blog. But this one is different. In this podcast I share TONS of information that I’ve never shared in an interview before, including exactly why I left conventional medicine, and exactly why I feel intuitive guidance is

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Capturing The Universe

  This week I have a behind-the-scenes on my latest painting for you.   I was asked to create the cover of an AMAZING life-changing book (more on that as soon as it is published and available to the public!!!) It’s about how we weave and intersect and dance our way through our interactions with others during our time on planet earth, and how we can use this spiraling flow to enhance our connection to others and move through our journey more effortlessly!   Our lives are quite literally, the dance of sacred geometry as we spiral through time and

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Life Is Simply: Take The Very Next Step

I had an idea for my next painting. So I got busy drawing it and then I got busy painting it. Because that’s all life really is… …having an idea and taking the next logical step towards it, and then the next.   Life is all about just taking the next step. And the next one. And the next. And then the one after that. Even when it feels like you are looping around in the same pattern over and over and over again… you are not. It’s not possible. Just as it is impossible to breathe the same breath

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Life After Loss… Miscarriage Support

In keeping with last week’s post about my own personal grieving process, today I’ve invited a very soulful, brave and honest woman to stop by my blog and share her own, similar-but-different experience with grieving. For Catherine Keating, loss came in the form of miscarriage. Twice. Finding a path back from grief into gratitude, from sorrow to strength involved writing a book. Reading There Was Supposed To Be A Baby was so beautiful for me because it echoed so many of the same tools I was using in my own healing process… all outlined in one supportive, gentle, pure, raw

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Fibromyalgia Relief Right NOW

Since so many women in my practice are affected by fibromyalgia, I’m going to blog about it today with a tribute to the energetic dynamic behind this disease… because shoulder tension is something that is personal for me. What can you do energetically to release fibromyalgia flares? Read on:     I carry all of my tension in my neck and shoulders. Painful trigger points, tension headaches, tenderness in my upper back and neck so strong that at times I can’t even wear a bathing suit or a sports bra or a ponytail, or anything pulling on my neck at

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