Another Difference Between Men and Women… Found On Autopsy

Last week I wrote to you about a new medical study that shows how women and men have different cardiac responses to stress. This week, yet another difference between men and women… this time, in the brain.     Turns out, on autopsy, investigators found that there was a distinct difference between the brains of men and women in depression. There are lots of differences between depression in men and women, as we already know. These results may help explain why. It turns out, the brain literally re-wires differently during depression depending on if you are male or female: Women …

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Light Therapy Quickly Improves Libido

    Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so today’s medical study reveals a simple tip for boosting libido! Woot!   New research (presented at the 29th European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Congress on September 19, 2016) shows that the same light therapy recommendation to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can significantly improve sexual satisfaction in people with low desire after only 2 weeks of treatment! While this study was on men, because light therapy is incredibly effective for females too, I truly believe that this would work for women with low sex drive and should be first line therapy for anyone with …

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