Are Your Weight Struggles From Subclinical Hypothyroidism? Probably, Here’s Help

      What to do if counting calories, exercising, and making the environmental changes I suggested last week are not making any difference to your metabolism? What if you still feel sluggish, tired, and your weight just won’t budge?  It could be subclinical hypothryoidism and adrenal fatigue.  This super common condition is poorly understood and can literally simply be caused by prolonged stress. Ask yourself: have you been through a stressful period recently?  Or have you been living under stress for a long period of time — months, years, even decades?  If so, focusing on boosting thyroid and adrenal […]

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Grounding To Balance Your Hormones

Hormones are the signs in your body telling each organ system how to function together.   Hormones are all about the interplay between organ systems and keeping the entire human body safe and functioning as one… that’s their role. So when grounding supports our hormone balance, it’s so exciting, because that means grounding is not just helping one specific organ system but instead it’s impacting how you feel and function as a whole. The classic example is how our gut interplays with our hormones. Conventional medicine is just starting to realize how gut inflammation and what we eat affects many

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Grounding Balances Your Hormones Automatically (Plus 6 More Ideas)

Today let’s talk about the messengers of our body (our hormones!) and how grounding balances them for you, automatically.   Adrenal function, thyroid function, sex hormones, even leaky gut — it’s all interconnected. Your energy level, your sex drive, your daily rhythm, how good you feel each day — it’s all improved by getting grounded. There is a cascade of inflammation and auto-immune signaling in these interconnected hormonal pathways that ultimately lead to thyroid issues, adrenal depletion and out-of-wack reproductive hormones that cause us to feel less than our best. As a physician, I am convinced that you can not

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Hand Sanitizers Linked To Thyroid Cancer — Here’s Your Safer Alternative

Thyroid disorders affect 20 million Americans alone… and metabolic and growth issues affect countless more.  How many of you use hand sanitizers at least occasionally to clean your hands? Turns out, this is a problem for our thyroid glands. And not just for women…  in fact, the hormone disruption that hand sanitizers have on our bodies is three times more devastating to men! We’ve known for a long time that the chemicals in hand sanitizers are unhealthy, and also drying and irritating to skin.  Unfortunately a new study now links them to cancer… raising (even tripling!) your risk of thyroid

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Got A Cold This Winter? Heal Your Throat Chakra And Watch It Go (video)

  If you’ve noticed that you are more vulnerable to picking up colds/sniffles/sore throats right now, it’s time to boost the health of your throat chakra and get your nose and throat radiating health outwardly! I want to help you!   Give me 6 minutes and I’ll help you assess your throat chakra energy flow and help re-align you right now.   And here is a list of other physical symptoms of the throat chakra as well… ..if you have any of these physical symptoms, focusing on throat chakra health will help! Thyroid issues (hyper- or hypo- thyroid) neck pain

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Thoughts On Health, Thyroid

I am busy getting ready for the next Etsy show in downtown Charleston… it will be this Saturday, from 10AM to 3PM in the Music Farm. Stop by and say hi! I will be bringing lots of stuff… brand new necklaces I have not released into my shop yet, reusable grocery totes, art prints, notecard sets, my book… but the best part is I will have a great sale running on anyone who signs up for any of my Health eCourses. I will have the kits ready to give to you to take home in hand, and fabulous pricing on

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Thoughts On Health…. Thyroid

“When you take charge of your life, there is no longer need to ask permission of other people or society at large.” -Albert F. Geoffrey Our thyroids do so much for us. The thyroid is one of the main centers of control in our body… we have so many parts that help coordinate and regulate our organism as a whole… the brain, the heart, the pineal gland, the thyroid… all of these organs work for our entire body… maintaining the health of our body as a complete organism. Unlike the big toe, who is maintaining health for itself, the big

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