Decrease Your Pain Without Medication

Pain is a big deal.   Considering pain is the number one reason patients seek medical care and that pain issues affect more Americans than heart disease, diabetes and cancer combined… patients reach for pain medications in alarming amounts at alarming rates and with alarming side effects. Prescription opioid drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the US, and these rates are steadily on the rise. Many pain medications are addictive and cause incalculable harm to the dependent patient struggling with pain issues. I know in my practice working with folks to reduce their dependency on addictive …

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An Easy Way To Boost Your Daily Healing

Today I am excited to share with you a new healing tool I just developed… Daily Healing Focus Cards!   I created this simple tool to help patients have a simple way, each and every day, to align with Well Being. Filled with fun, uplifting and simple tips and techniques… these are things that are easy to fit into anyone’s busy lifestyle.   I am often asked by patients… …what one thing can I do to support my health each and every day?     Well… I can think of dozens and dozens of ways to support a natural alignment …

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Giveaway… Guiding Signs 101 Intuition Card Deck

I have a fun product recommendation for you today… I love mixing intuition with *fun* and Guiding Signs 101 guidance cards do just that. I was contacted by Guiding Signs to review their card deck and when I got them in the mail I was so very impressed, it is my pleasure to tell you all about them today. These intuitively based cards are so positive, sweet and uplifting that you would have fun doing these with your children, your spouse, on your own… even with your pet! The real gem of these cards is in the included Guiding Signs …

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