Nurturing Your Own Health Through Difficult Times

I am going to re-post a great article I wrote last year… 10 ways to nurture your body and soul right in this very moment. It’s a blog post I’ve needed to go back and re-read to remember how to nurture my own soul as I travel through some difficult and dark times.   As I said on my Facebook Page: “A few weeks ago, I would have said the purpose in life is to soak in every second of it, enjoy it, laugh as much as possible, have fun, smile, and fill your heart with gratitude as much as …

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The Energy of Menopause

I’m excited to sneak in a quick video for you today… ignore the ratty hair and the horrible angle (dang, do you have to see right up my nose???) I propped my phone up on a potted plant in my bedroom to get this video done quickly while the kids were happy playing. One of these days, one of them… I promise, I will actually blow dry my hair and wear something nice and put concealer on top of my random face splotches so you can stare at something other then my under eye circles and PMS pimples while I …

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