Eco Friendly Ideas (and a Giveaway!)

I’ve been having so much fun on Pinterest lately! One of my latest boards is all about loving the earth… I’ve got some absolutely gorgeous images and healthy earthingâ„¢ ideas waiting on there for you.     If you want to be kept up to date on my latest pins, you can follow me here! And speaking of eco-friendly…   I have four lovely all natural, reusable, eco-friendly canvas totes left… they feature my original artwork printed onto unbleached natural canvas. As I’ve fully switched over to my Intuition Physician shop and discontinued my Heartsong Art shop (these still have […]

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A 5 minute DIY supplement for brain health!

It’s one of my best ideas ever, I believe.   You see, coconut oil is just so fabbo it feeds your brain, is an extremely healthy source of much needed saturated fat, and supports your entire body inside and out.   I use it head to toe… everything from a hot oil hair treatment to a moisturizer (find out more about all that in my Skin Happiness book right now!) to oil pulling to cooking and as a nutritional supplement to prevent Alzheimers.     But look at this stuff. Sometimes… it’s hard to choke down. And then I had

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Creativity = Health

In honor of the second chakra this week, I am sharing with you an article I once wrote for a feature on Art Snark’s blog many years ago. I still love it and it holds true! How The Simple Act Of Creating Must Create Physical Health I took the scenic route in becoming an artist. The really looooong way around. The kind of path that took me through medical school, residency, and a bit of clinical practice as a physician before I had children and realized my heartsong was to be a mommy and an artist. That kind of long

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Awesome idea… eco-friendly garden border

                        This is such an amazing idea. I love it, and can’t wait to get started on this in my own garden. Living in the south I LOVE the bottle trees all over (so much so that I painted one!) and this is another cool way to extend that funky vibe along the border of your garden. And bonus, it’s a great eco-friendly way to recycle your wine bottles and other glass bottles, and double bonus, create an artistic and unique garden edging for FREE!!!! So whether you love

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Inspiration Wednesdays… DIY inspirational art

    I’ve got a great little DIY tutorial for you today for this lovely Inspiration Wednesday. This one is sooooo easy and yet looks so fabulous, you can do it this afternoon and have it hanging up in your home by tomorrow! The best part is you can customize exactly what you want it to say… do you have an affirmation you would like to greet you each morning as you start your day? Do you have a favorite quote that makes your heart sing? Invite positivity and love right into your own home… and by creating it yourself

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Tutorial: Garden Markers

    Today’s quick and easy tute: 1.  Collect rocks 2.  Paint and allow to dry (doing it in your jammies, highly recommended.  Even better if you can get your sweet daughter to paint them with you…) Use acrylic paint so they are weather resistant… avoid tempura, watercolor, or washable paints! 3.  Using a permanent marker, write the names of each crop across the rock.   Once my garden is actually underway, I’ll show you pics of them in use!  Until that warm spring day… plan, germinate seeds, start your seedlings, get your markers set, and dream, my friend, dream.

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Thoughts On Health… Aromatherapy

  Wow folks. I just had an amazing experience (which I can’t wait to blog about in detail next Monday) I had my aura photographed! One of the coolest parts of this is I was able to see what types of things had an immediate effect on my aura… I had a huge response to rose quartz (a long time fav of mine!) and to scents. Now the scent thing I would never have guessed. I’m not big on scents, to be honest… they usually give me a headache after a while. I never wear perfume, no artificial scents of

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