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Thoughts On Health: A New Hazard of Cell Phone Use

This the third blog post I’ve done regarding non-ionizing radiation and it’s effects on us. With new articles (like this one, in the New York Times) constantly alerting the public of possible hazards to cell phone use, I wanted to give my readers the very latest thinking in the cell phone debate. The first blog post, discussing how cell phones may abnormally effect glucose metabolism in our brains on the side that the user holds the cell phone, introduced one possible explanation for the cell phone/brain tumor link that has been suggested in several studies. The second post, discussing the […]

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Thoughts On Health… Microwaving

This post could also be called Part Two of the post I wrote explaining the recent findings of cell phones disturbing brain metabolism. What do cell phones and the microwave have in common? Let me start at the beginning. We don’t use a microwave at all. We haven’t in several years… and yes, I understand that microwaving uses non-ionizing radiation, just like the non-ionizing radiation in light, TV, radio waves, etc… Most folks feel okay using a microwave once they figure out that it is not the same as the ionizing radiation in X-rays, nuclear radiation, etc… For us, it’s

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FAQ: Our Natural Transition to Vegetarian…

I have been asked four times in the past two weeks about my thoughts on food choices for children, so I figured this is the Universe asking me to blog about it 🙂 Concerned parents were wondering if they should be forcing their children to eat a certain amount of veggies each day, and yet other parents were concerned that their children may not be getting enough meat. I’ve thought long and hard about what I believe. I’ve considered everything I know from my education as a physician and everything I *feel* as an intuitive mother, and I have developed

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Thoughts On Health… Cell Phones

This one is a disturbing one. If you want to think happier thoughts, just click on over to Martha Stewarts blog or some craft blog… because today’s topic is a bit of a downer. I wanted to share with you a very recent, hot off the press research finding that was published only two weeks ago in the scientific literature. It concerns cell phones. Cell phones are part of our world. If you aren’t talking on one, chances are the person sitting five inches from you on the bus or train or standing next to you in the check out

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Thoughts On Health FAQ… Book Recommendations

My husband keeps asking me what books to recommend to patients when they begin to walk the path of a more organic and holistic lifestyle. Well… I sure have read a lot of them. Many resonated with me, some didn’t. I’ve recently narrowed down my top few books that start you on a gentle road towards an organic lifestyle. None of these are too overwhelming… all of them are full of great ideas that are fun and enjoyable to try. I’ll review each for you and they are all linked to the page on Amazon where you can find pricing

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