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Tutorial: FREE, eco-friendly firepit starters!!! And a Garden Update…

I have a great tutorial for you today… the perfect thing to do outside, amidst your gorgeous summer garden? Nighttime fire pit! Nothing like a summer bonfire… under a full moon is even better! I love hotdogs and smores cooked in an outdoor firepit on those nights when I don’t even want to *think* about cooking. Add a sprinkler nearby, and you’ve got an instant summertime party. The best part is that the firestarters are free, or near free. I made about three dozen fire starters for exactly $0.00. Perfect! And reusing old containers before recycling them… priceless.   Ready […]

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Awesome Reader Idea #2 — Vertical Gardening

    I had a fabulous reader send me pics of her favorite gardening tip… utilizing vertical space. I’ve never seen anything like the awesomeness in Natasya’s garden pictures… she uses hanging baskets and plastic planting containers to hang vertically… perfect for small spaces and/or those that don’t enjoy bending over to garden. I also imagine this is a great way to reduce and maybe eliminate the need to weed… and also make great use of porch spaces as well. I’ve asked Natasya to tell us more!   “I was inspired to do the hanging garden because my yard has

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Gardening Week… Awesome Reader Idea #1

I love my readers! You all are the absolute BEST. I have gotten such amazing garden photos from my readers (keep ’em coming, you know I love love love to hear from you! Email me directly at any time!) I want to share two amazing ideas from readers with you. This week is going to be all about gardening. Today, Diane shares with us a fabbo way to collect free water for you to water your garden, potted plants, container garden crops, indoor houseplants and such… rain chains!   Diane captures the action of one of her rain chains

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My Fav Toothpastes…

    I love love love this toothpaste. It tastes like you dipped your toothbrush in baking soda, then squeezed a fresh lemon over the top. And that’s because that is pretty much the ingredient list on this pure, organic, high quality toothpaste. I love brushing with baking soda… washing your oral muscosa and teeth with baking soda is a fabulous way to re-set your mouth’s pH every morning and every evening… it is gentle on your teeth and neutralizing for breath, too.   I am also a big fan of just sprinkling your toothbrush with baking soda and brushing,

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Organic Gardening… Spotlight on Readers!

Wow. I’ve gotten some pics from readers lately that have me laughing at my own garden attempts. You all are awesome! I just have to share a few of my very favorite reader pics with you here. If anyone wants to email me their garden pics, I’d love to see them! As you’ll see from some of my own pics further down, my garden is growing well but my tomato seedlings are not all I thought they would be at this point. If anyone wants to shoot me a “my garden ain’t doing so hot either” picture to cheer me

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Strawberry Syrup Recipe… and Come to Earth Fest this Saturday and say Hi!

Have you had enough of strawberries yet? I just about have, but I had to share this idea I had with you. This recipe today is sooooo simple, if you have one thing: a juicer.   I made this recipe up after looking at a bunch of on-line recipes. I wanted to create a strawberry syrup to use in strawberry daiquiris this summer… and to drizzle into pancake batter, cake batter, icing, drizzle onto crepes, and use in milkshakes! I haven’t found an organic strawberry syrup that I loved to use in milkshakes for my kids, so with a billion

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Strawberry Bread Recipe

This is my second favorite recipe for using up my strawberries. It makes two loafs, and it freezes really well, so this is an incredible time saver for me — I make one that we eat quickly (it’s YUM!) and freeze the other one to eat the next month (or the very next week, depending on how much we are craving it.) I wind up using the strawberries that I wash, slice, and store in my freezer in glass jars all winter long making this strawberry bread — it is so good and makes me feel like spring is right

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