Now They Are Admitting It: Fluoride Lowers IQ

A mother’s exposure to fluoride during pregnancy could lower the intelligence of her children, researchers say. Following a group of Mexican children from the time of their mother’s pregnancy to early adolescence, an international team of researchers found an association between high fluoride levels in the mothers’ urine and reduced scores on the children’s cognitive tests. Contrary to the claims of fluoride activists, however, the study does not seal the case against fluoride, said first author Morteza Bashash, PhD, an assistant professor of public health at the University of Toronto in Canada. “This is a piece of a puzzle,” he […]

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Latest Study Reveals Heart Protective Properties of Caffeine

Last year I wrote an article for fellow coffee and tea lovers, explaining the positive value of caffeine for brain health (reducing dementia risk and progression) and even skin promoting properties (decreasing the incidence of basal cell carcinoma!)   But many people still shy away from caffeine because of concerns over its effect on the heart. Atrial fibrillation is extremely common, affecting up to 1 in every 4 people over a lifetime… and many of these patients are told not to consume caffeine because of potential effects on the heart.   This misconception might be doing more harm than good,

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Meet Bonnie

Meet dear Bonnie. She is married to a wonderful man whom she loves very very much. I can relate to that! Similar to my Balloons for Audry event I wanted her to share her story here today because I adore what she has decided to do, to contribute what she can to a very personal and worthwhile cause, as you’ll read below: “My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March of 2009 but was able to have a surgery called a Whipple Procedure in April. The very next April, his younger sister was also diagnosed with this horrible disease.

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Shout out to my loves…

Just so absolutely on-my-knees grateful for the love in my life…   … a husband I met in med school…     … and married.         Children who have literally taken my breath away from sheer happiness…     … over and over again.     That my hubby is my best friend.   And I know my parents and brothers shy away from being on my blog, so I don’t mention them as much as I’d like, but I really want each of them to know that my gratitude starts with growing up in the family

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Happy Halloween

Thoughts On Health will be on Wednesday this week, because today we’ll be busy…   …snacking on these…     I toast these from the pumpkins we carve… seasoning them with lots of cayenne pepper, some garlic, paprika and salt, then 5 minutes in a 450 degree oven and you arrive at YUM!   … drying and saving these for our garden next year…   just dry your pumpkin and squash seeds for two weeks on a towel (flipping once) then store in an airtight container for planting next year! Check out my Saving Seeds tutorial for more info  

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Balloons For Audrey, Filling Our Home!

Balloons filled our living room Friday and Saturday! This weekend was our Balloons For Audrey event, and we filled our home with 157 balloons! Thank you so much to everyone who donated a balloon, it really warmed my heart every single time a donation came through… seeing the love an support you all have for Audrey was amazing. We forwarded every cent of the proceeds to Audrey and she was touched… thank you guys so much for making this event such a success. So Friday evening, the Charlestons Balloon Company delivered the balloons… and if you are a local reader

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Balloons, balloons, balloons!!!

  Wow Audrey, your peeps just love you!!!! I hope it makes you smile when you see the pics from the big release next week! I’ll share them here on Wed the 26th. I’ve got lots of orders and close to 200 balloons filling my home and I’m psyched!   Why would I fill my house with 200 balloons, you ask? Check out Audrey’s story here and donate another balloon to the giveaway here! Bring it on!   Audrey is certainly an inspiration and I’m so excited to be doing this benefit for her. I was thinking, though… instead of

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