Sneak Peek (and first listen!) into The Grounded Soundtrack

Last week I shared how I painted the front cover of the soundtrack to the motion picture The Grounded.   This week, I want to take you behind the scenes of the creation of the back cover of the CD.   The amazing and talented composer Stuart Mitchell gave me free rein over the design of the back cover. Here is what I came up with!     1. Sketch out a composition until happy with the design, then draw onto a canvas. For the back of the CD, I wanted to show footprints on sand:     2. Paint […]

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My Favorite Way To Protect Against Skin Cancer

Last week over the holidays I soaked up tons of sun with my children and connected with the earth and the ocean and the sun and the sand. It was glorious and healing. AND it reminded me to post my annual sunscreen review for my readers! Today, I’m going to show you the sunscreen that I personally use to protect my children’s tender skin and my own skin as well. I’ll also walk you through my thoughts on the whole sunscreen dilemma… for us it is only our THIRD line of defense against skin cancer and in many instances I’d

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Earthing Goes Mainstream

  Have you picked up your spring issue of First for Women? I am so happily surprised that such a mainstream article carried my earthing recommendation in the March issue!   Under the article “Headache Remedies Doctors Swear By,” I am quoted in the first recommendation. In it, I recommend contacting the earth with your barefeet for 10 minutes to reduce or allieviate headaches. Woot! Woot!         I’m just thrilled this holistic advice had the chance to reach millions of folks who might not otherwise be seeking out alternative ideas. Yay to the power of a cheap

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Photography Assignment, week 2

Here is the second week of pics I took in the awesome photography course I am taking… Vivienne McMaster’s 4 week self portrait beginner on-line photography class Wading In. If you want to see my first week assignment pics, I show them here. Okay, so this week was about showing snapshots of your day… she said to just snap what you do throughout the day… sticking a little portion of yourself into the shot.  I was taking pictures of my son one day and thought, what the heck… I started tickling him with my foot and this is the shot

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