The Dance… My Latest Original Painting And Why I Painted It

“What is to give light must endure burning.” -Victor Frankl     In turning 49. starting my 50th circle around the sun, I’m ever aware that time on this earth, any length of time, even one day of time, is precious.  I want to start thanking my body for the gift of waking up today in it.  And focus on what an honor that is, not the things I don’t like about it or the limitations I perceive from it. To remind myself, I wanted to choose a word of the year that evoked the energy of wearing my body in […]

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Sacral Chakra Support — 5 Tips for Instant Relief

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? horrible PMS or difficult peri-menopausal symptoms infertility struggles low back pain sciatica pain chronic fatigue loss of joyful energy lack of motivation a feeling of “spinning your wheels” issues with guilt over indulgence or spending money to lift your mood decreased libido indecision over what to do next with your life uninspired mood   The sacral chakra is where your inner child lives.   Your inner child and your soul have no end to creative ideas, an abundance of energy, and joy and freedom in expressing your unique gifts.   But, if you

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Songs that uplift me…

My dear friend Jorie (hi babe!!!) has a facebook group dedicated to sharing uplifting music. That’s where I heard of about 80% of the songs I love… so if you like these and want more, head on over and like her FB group called: Moved By The Music. If you love pop music, try… Everybody, by Ingrid Michaelson If you love jazz, try… Bring Me Sunshine, by The Jive Aces (give it a minute, it starts slow but is garunteed to make you smile…) If you love reggae, try… Shine, by Aswad If you want to feel joy, try… Give

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Photography Assignment, week 3.

Oh my goodness. This week is by far the hardest week to share with you. She wanted us to dance in front of the camera. Gulp. I love to dance around with my kids, but they refused to join in with me. Miles cranked a tune on his iPod… he picked Hot Wings (I Want To Party) featured in the Motion Picture Soundtrack of the movie Rio. We loved that movie, by the way! I went out under the sun and got it over with. And yes, right during the song is when the afternoon school bus just had to

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