Life Is Simply: Take The Very Next Step

I had an idea for my next painting. So I got busy drawing it and then I got busy painting it. Because that’s all life really is… …having an idea and taking the next logical step towards it, and then the next.   Life is all about just taking the next step. And the next one. And the next. And then the one after that. Even when it feels like you are looping around in the same pattern over and over and over again… you are not. It’s not possible. Just as it is impossible to breathe the same breath […]

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Thoughts On Health… Celebrate Becoming A Woman

The most special girl in the world, the most special girl in *my* world anyway… is now a young woman. She takes my breath away with how effortlessly she welcomed womanhood and menstruation into her life… she is healthy and radiant and I am the most lucky mama in the entire UNIVERSE to travel this road with her… watching her fly. We were heading out the door to spend a warm November day on the beach when she found out. Welcoming her transition with the calmly lapping waves and under the warm blessed sun just felt so right. Oh I

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FAQ… What is Medical Intuition?

“Goddess at High Tide”   One week from today exactly, I’ll be looking forward to my teleseminar session for the Enlightened Mom’s Telesummit, where I answer this very question. I will talk for approximately one hour, on May 11th at 7 PM eastern time. I hope you all are planning to call in and join me… I’m a bit shy on the phone and would love to know some friendly readers out there are joining in! Please spread the word… there are lots of good calls to listen into… lots about parenting, a call about nutrition and eating and weight,

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A Goddess Delivers…

  A Goddess Delivers, canvas and Giclee prints and cards now available in my shop!   My lovely midwife and herbalist friend Adrienne Leeds, of Abundant B’earth, was generous enough to share a writing from Whapio Diane Bartlett called The Holistic Stages of Labor that I truly enjoyed, and *felt* very much like what I wanted to convey in my painting: “The time of the Birthing Tides generally feels good to women. No matter how tiring or exhausting her journey, the Mother experiences a second wind, a new spurt of energy and excitement. The birth now becomes more of an

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Goddess Jewelery

Do you love the full moon? Do you feel empowered by it? Do you feel at your feminine best under the strength of the full moon? I created this Soul Connection necklace to adorn women… to remind them of their powerful inner strength. I love being a woman and I love being connected to the moon. I know I have powerful creativity and powerful dreams when there is a full moon out. The artwork featured in this necklace was created when I woke up from one such dream… I had a soul connection with a loved one and woke up

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Goddess at High Tide

Goddess at High Tide 11 x 14 inch gallery wrapped canvas with finished sides Available as Giclee prints as well as the original canvas The second in my new Goddess series, this has become one of my two ultimate favorite paintings I’ve ever painted. My other favorite is Nighttime Reunion… that one just rolled off my brush. This one… not so much. This painting was a labor of love. It took about three times longer to paint then I had anticipated… I got an immediate vision and knew exactly what I wanted to paint… yet actually painting it was a

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