Your Perfect Summer Skin

I’m dedicating the last three weeks in June to talking about skin care.   After all… …we are going to be showing more of our skin in the summer months than we do at any other time… …so it might as well be as glowing, gorgeous and radiant as possible!   So this week — let’s talk basic skin care. Next week — I’ll share with you how to troubleshoot summer skin concerns like sunburn, yeast overgrowth, athlete’s foot, and bug bites. Lastly, on the third week — I’ll tell you all about the intuitive energy of the skin and […]

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Feel Beautiful in One Minute Flat… Guaranteed (video)

There is no way better to welcome in a new year than feeling absolutely BEE-YOU-TE-FUL inside and out.     Your soul shine is absolutely gorgeous, and the more you let it shine, the more the entire world benefits. But in order to really let your soul shine fully radiate out from you in all directions, and to reach all the people each day your soul is meant to reach… you have to feel good about yourself.   That’s where today’s video comes in.   This tip today will have you really understanding just how physically vibrantly fully GORGEOUS you

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Sometimes A Girl Needs To Feel Like A Girl!

  As you know, I’m a natural kind of gal, and after struggling with not liking my hair all my life I have really enjoyed using henna for the past year to create shine and smoothness in my frizzy tangles. But you know what? As much as I love henna and will continue to use it as my fall back go-to conditioning glaze, I hadn’t had a *real* haircut, one in a salon, in a looooong time and I was feeling heavy and drab.       Lucky for me, right in my hometown a faboo new Aveda concept salon

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Thoughts On Health… FAQ: Skin Care

This past week I was asked by three different folks about skin care, so I think this topic is calling for me to blog about it! My motto is: simplify. Let me back up and tell you a little about my background… I briefly considered going into Dermatology when I was in med school, so I took three times the regular amount of training in Dermatology as a result. I’ve always been fascinated by skin and surgical procedures, so I really enjoyed those rotations, chock full of both. I also spent four summers throughout college working at the National Cancer

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My New Head of Hair!

Okay, so it isn’t that much different. But do you remember when I was in a funk with my hair and begged you fine folks for some ideas? I loved the feedback and thought about it long and hard. And the one thing I hadn’t done yet was Henna — thanks for the suggestion, Aleka! So I went for it. And I love it. I can definitely give henna a double thumbs up. I don’t know why I had never tried it before… it’s seems like a no-brainer for someone who loves to keep things natural… basically it’s like a

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